To ensure a smooth and timely implementation of your new voice and/or data services, please review the different stages of the activation process for Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams and/or OfficeConnect below. Under each stage, you will find information on what to expect and customer responsibilities. Reviewing before installation will help ensure a successful installation. 



Task Name Assigned To Duration of Time Needed - Comments
License Requirements - Teams   Variable
Users - A5/E5 or equivalent Customer Nothing else is needed if the user license is an A5/E5 or equivalent.
'Teams Phone Standard’ add-on license Customer For lower Academic/Enterprise licenses as well as Business user licenses and below, the user must have a ‘Teams Phone Standard’ add-on license.
Microsoft Teams Domestic Calling Plan or Teams Phone with Calling Plan - IS NOT REQUIRED Customer Please keep in mind that to use UniVoIP's Cloud Voice service, you do not need any of the Microsoft calling plans – namely: ‘Microsoft Teams Domestic Calling Plan’ and ‘Teams Phone with Calling Plan (Country Zone1 -US)’. In fact, to switch any existing user with a calling plan, you must remove the Microsoft calling plan license and replace it with the “Teams Phone Standard” License. 
Shared Device Customer Common Area Phones can use a Shared Device License.
Teams Resource Accounts Customer These licenses are free and will be needed for Auto Attendants, Call Queues.
Teams Audio Conferencing with dial-out to USA/CAN Customer To add audio dial-in capability to Teams conferencing, you may add a free license to every Teams user. That license is called, ‘Teams Audio Conferencing with dial-out to USA/CAN’. This is not required for the phone system. Its purpose is to add the capability for participants to be able to call a phone number to join a Teams conference call. It also allows the meeting owner to call external participants.
Onboarding - This is only done once and is not needed in additional phases.   Completes in about 15 Minutes
The contact we have on file with the signed contract will receive an automated email with login credentials to our Service Control.  Please log in. Customer You will be asked to invite your Global Admin at this step.  This person will have the appropriate level permissions to continue. You will also be able to invite others who can help after the initial onboarding and testing of at least one user.

Onboarding Workflow - Step 1                 (ACTIVATE YOUR VOICE PATHS)

Customer During this step, the system will identify at least one available license.
Onboarding Workflow - Step 2                           (ADD TELEPHONE NUMBERS) Customer During this step, you will add a telephone number to assign to a licensed user (see Licensing requirements) for testing.
Onboarding Workflow – Step 3                    (ASSIGN USERS TO NUMBERS) Customer During this step, you will assign the test number you selected to your licensed user.
Onboarding Workflow – Step 4                       (MAKE SOME CALLS) Customer The user that has been assigned the test number should make a call from Teams and accept a call from Teams to complete this task.
Ready to add telephone numbers to users! Customer At this point, the customer can add telephone numbers, assign to users or resource accounts, and make and receive calls in Teams. Billing is automated and will process on the 1st of the month following implementation of Service Control as numbers are added. If test numbers are used prior to porting, they can be "released" in Service Control by the customer at any time.



3 Week Leadtime

Provide CSR and Phone bill along with a list of phone numbers to port. Customer Please provide a current telephone bill from your provider. This is needed 3 weeks prior to the port date requested.
Enter telephone numbers in Service Control Portal and populate order information. UniVoIP - PM The PM will enter the telephone numbers in Service Control and provide required information to port.  This will
cause automation to send an LOA to customer listed as Authorized Signer via DocuSign.
Sign LOA via DocuSign Customer Once the telephone numbers are entered in our Service Control platform, the contact who is specified as the Authorized Signer will receive an email to sign the LOA via DocuSign.  Please review the telephone numbers and information listed, sign and submit immediately.
Submit the port order with the carrier UniVoIP - PM The UniVoIP PM will review the provided documents and submit the order with the carrier for the desired port date. If there are any exceptions on the order request, you will be notified.
Confirm FOC (Firm Order Commitment) Date for all numbers porting UniVoIP - PM PM will notify customer of confirmed date when received from carrier group.
Numbers are added to Service Control and ready for assignment UniVoIP Within 24 hours from receiving the FOC date from the carrier group, you should see the numbers appear in Service Control for assignment.
Confirm Numbers assigned in Service Control UniVoIP - PM The UniVoIP PM will confirm the numbers porting are assigned in Service Control prior to the port date.
Porting confirmed completed UniVoIP - PM The PM will confirm with customer when the porting has completed.

Database Discovery - Teams 

Prepare lists of Call Groups, Auto Attendants, and Telephone Number assignments for users Customer This information is needed when programming call groups, Auto Attendants, and Resource Accounts on Teams Admin Center. This is also needed to License your users in Microsoft 365 and assign telephone numbers in
Service Control.

Programming - Teams

  Approximately 1 to 2 (1) hour sessions to complete most configurations.

Program Resource Accounts, Automated Attendants, and Call Queues

Customer This will be programmed in Teams Admin Center by the authorized administrator with access to Teams Admin Center. This can also be done during the working sessions with the UniVoIP Onboarding Team. UniVoIP's onboarding team will assist by providing best practices and recommendations, as well as guidance during the working sessions.
Assign telephone numbers to Resource Accounts via Service Control under TEAMS/ AA or CQ and assign telephone numbers to licensed users. Customer This can be done by anyone invited to Service Control.


  30 minutes each.
End User Training Demo UniVoIP/Customer

UniVoIP can assist with this training on a scheduled call with end-users if requested. Training Demo videos and links are also provided by the PM. 5539ce9ccd5a?ns=msftteams&version=16&ui=en-us&rs=en-us&ad=us

Admin Training UniVoIP/Customer UniVoIP will schedule a training session with the Admins on Service Control access, such as how to move  telephone numbers from Park to Teams, how to add new location addresses and verify them, how to add additional
CNAM assignments and how to access Billing.
Admin Training with Support UniVoIP/Customer UniVoIP will provide a session with the Support Manager on how to contact Support and create tickets.

Hardware and Ancillary Devices 

Verify and/or purchase user Headsets are working
and compatible with the user's Teams environment.

UniVoIP does not sell headsets, however, this is a link to Microsoft-compatible and recommended headsets:

Purchase any handsets required. UniVoIP/Customer
Shipping UniVoIP hardware (rental or purchase) PM PM will coordinate with the UniVoIP Material/Warehouse to ship equipment in a timely manner to work with the go-live/onboarding schedule.
Network Validation   Variable

Validate Network for Teams:

Reliable devices for smooth operation of the Teams clients, which will deliver our voice services: i.e., reliable PCs, MACs, Smart Phones, Tablets or approved native Teams IP Phones, Reliable LAN, QoS-enabled PoE Switches capable of VLAN, reliable WAN and ample bandwidth to ensure smooth operation of the Teams phones or the Teams client.


Here are Microsoft documents with information about preparing your organization's network for Teams:

Meetings/Communication   Variable
Kick Off/Introduction Meeting PM/Customer/Partner The PM will schedule a call with all involved in the contract. In this call, we will discuss the onboarding requirements and determine the timeline for porting based on customer needs.  The PM will email notes from this meeting within 24 hours.
Onboarding Assistance PM/Customer The person who is the primary contact will receive the email inviting them to Service Control and start the Onboarding.  This can be done on their own or during a working session with UniVoIP's Onboarding Team. The PM will coordinate this call if desired.
Weekly Project Status Call PM/Customer/Partner The PM will schedule a weekly status call to keep all tasks on target as the project progresses, if necessary. Some larger projects are implemented in phases and require weekly discussions.
Project Completion Report PM The PM will prepare and send a project completion report, listing services implemented as per the contract and
reference the first invoice date.



UniVoIP Service Activation
Customer Responsibilities UniVoIP Responsibilities
Initial Discovery
  • Identify Voice order requirements with your UniVoIP Sales Representative.
  • Assess your Local Area Network and Wide Area Network readiness for Voice; including inside wiring (CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6), switches, routers, firewalls, PoE, IP addressing, QoS.
  • Identify service requirements to meet your business needs
  • Demonstrating UniVoIP service
  • UniVoIP Sales Representative to send documents requiring customer signatures, including Subscription Agreement and explain the activation process and support.
Subscription Agreement
  • Provide the following documentation: Signed Subscription Agreement including acknowledgment of Responsibilities and SSA.
  • Customer  needs  to  pay the  NRC/Schedule  A  prior to UniVoIP assigning a Project Manager.
  • Upon receipt of all required documentation and payment of the NRC/Schedule A, your Sales Representative will introduce a UniVoIP Project Manager (UPM) as your primary point of contact throughout the Activation process.
Activation Kickoff
  • Appoint primary point of contact for UniVoIP for all Activation information and tasks.
  • Participate in the UniVoIP installation kickoff call.
  • Review Agreement details and network requirements with UPM.
  • Acknowledge or provide completed User & System Settings Worksheet.
  • UPM will schedule Activation Kickoff Call.
  • UPM & Sales Representative will review signature documents, user details, requirements of the ordered solution, as well as discuss installation expectations.
  • UPM will define timeline and process with the customer.
  • Schedule administration training.
  • UPM will provide a tentative activation timeline and UnVoIP contact details following Kickoff Call.
  • UniVoIP Sales Representative will update deliverables as discovered during Kickoff Call.
Service Provisioning
  • Confirm your Local Area Network and Wide Area Network readiness for Voice; including inside wiring (CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6), switches, routers, firewalls, PoE, IP addressing, QoS.
  • Participate in UPM update meetings as necessary.
  • UPM initiates order processing
  • UPM initiates installation scheduling process
Circuit Delivery (If Private Wide Area Network or Internet Access Provided by UniVoIP)
  • Provide access for loop delivery date, also known as the Firm Order Commitment (FOC) date, estimated loop delivery in most markets is 30 days.
  • Extend Circuit from MPOE to data equipment location within suite. Depending on your building's requirements, a Riser Management Company may be required to complete the extension. Speak with your building's management office to verify requirement.
  • If Broadband or DIA circuit, integrate to Local Area Network prior to scheduled voice activation.
  •  Local telecom provider to prepare local access loop for circuit order, and to do acceptance testing with UniVoIP.
  • Confirm circuit has been extended to customer suite.
  • Circuit turn-up estimate of 45 days in most markets.
Hardware Delivery
  • Track and receive equipment for install
  • Equipment shipped or delivered by installation engineer
  • Tracking information sent to customer if shipped
Site Access & Activation
  • Provide requirement for Certificate of Insurance (COI) as required by your building management for technician access.
  • Provide access to MPOE, data room and all locations with telephones.
  • Prepare script for Auto Attendant (Day and Night) and have a person available onsite with the technician to record.
  • Require all users to attend telephone training class on the day of activation.
  • If T1, e-line, or MPLS circuit is provided by UniVoIP a technician will be dispatched to your site to connect and test the UniVoIP equipment.
  • Access and Voice equipment installation may be scheduled separately in some cases.
  • Will set up Admin recording sessions for customer to record the AA (Day and Night).
  • Technician will provide basic end user training (6 people per class, approx. 15 minutes).
Activation Complete
  • Primary Point of Contact to Sign Activation Completion document
  • UPM will introduce Lead Support Contact
  • Contract Billing begins
Administrator Training
  • Customer designated Administrator will schedule time to complete Admin Training remotely with Support Lead
  • Support Lead will conduct new Admin training
Number Porting (If reusing existing phone numbers)
  • If porting numbers, customer may set up call forwarding to UniVoIP temporary numbers in preparation for porting.
  • Once OfficeConnect service is activated, customer initiates porting request via UPM.
  • Provide completed LOA, RESPORG, CSR, previous Phone Bill.
  • Once port is confirmed to be complete, move forward with canceling service with previous provider.
  • Provide Temporary DID numbers
  • Once previous provider approves and schedules the port, UPM completes the port.
  • UPM verifies call routing and service completion with you on port date.