3 Reasons Why Nonprofits Prefer VoIP

Nonprofits Everywhere are Empowered with VoIP. Here are just a few of the benefits of voip for non profits.

  1. Application Integration: Always know who is calling and get a complete record of previous communications, events and activities. Stay connected and know who your returning donors, special members and sponsors are when they call. Direct and answer the call accordingly adding a touch of personalization to your call handling. Want to make a phone call? No problem most applications support click-and-dial directly from in the application.
  2. Auto-Attendant: All of the power, flexibility and features available via an auto attendant  are available to every department, extension or mailbox within the organization. This is because the nonprofit-designed auto attendant can be customized as a call tree with unlimited routing combinations. In addition, you can leverage the embedded multi-lingual auto attendants and allow callers to be routed to their destination quicker and more efficiently.
  3. Mobility: Never miss an important call. Nonprofit organizations are using mobile technology to educate, activate and improve the lives of those they serve. Communicating with volunteers on their personal devices via text message, engaging the community with a custom-built mobile application and connecting with youth at a community center are all ways nonprofit organizations are leveraging mobile technology to advance their cause.

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