3 Reasons Your Nonprofit’s Phone System is Outdated

Your Nonprofit’s Phone System Most Likely Needs an Upgrade and You Don’t Even Know it.



Your technology is outdated – Not only is your technology outdated, it’s expensive to maintain and doesn’t deliver the modern features that you know or may not know exist, such as mobility which has become essential to stay connected. Additionally, you find your technology is so outdated, within 2 years, the manufacturer won’t even make the parts anymore. Your nonprofit needs a solution that is a complete, user-friendly and an innovative platform to transform the way your community connects and shares information with each other. You need to modernize.

Your current system hasn’t evolved – Our notion and understanding of communications has changed over the years and your current phone system isn’t evolving with time. Communications has evolved far beyond conference calls and webinars, and the industry has introduced advanced mobility features that have redefined connectivity for organizations. Your nonprofit is continuously growing and evolving, and you’re realizing more and more that it’s necessary to improve communication and collaboration while also adopting a solution that offers scalability and reliability.

Your staff are hands on and meeting face-to-face but need to be reachable.– Nonprofit organizations need to focus more on their mission and less about how they can stay connected when they are out in the field, working from home or over-seas on a mission. With your organization redefining “workspace” and incorporating highly mobile workers, your legacy phone system doesn’t allow your staff to thrive outside of the office. With the already limited features and outdated hardware in the office, your team and volunteers are left to fend for themselves once they leave their desk. You need a phone system that customizes to each individuals needs and allows your workers to excel in the office or at home, and anywhere in between. Cloud Communication’s advanced features including an “auto attendant” that eliminates the need for a receptionist, “mobile-twinning” that allows volunteers and staff to maintain response time by twinning their cell phone to ring simultaneously with their desk phone, and “hot-desking” which allows staff members and volunteers to be issued a pin code to use any phone in the office, are just the cloud’s foundation for empowering an organization’s need for mobile phone connectivity.


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