4 Reasons Why Unified Communications Transforms Medical Practices

Public and Private Cloud Services are Taking Medical Practices to The Next Level

MINIMIZE CAPITAL EXPENDITURES.  There are no large servers or systems to purchase.  Other than phones, there are minimal capital expenditures to depreciate over time. Which means it comes off of your books. All you have is an affordable monthly service fee that connects your staff, employees, and vendors to a host of capabilities that dramatically improve productivity

MAXIMIZE OFFICE PRODUCTIVITY. You already know that minimizing patient no-shows is a top priority. Just one patient no-show means lost revenue and wasted office time.The Cloud offers all 3 channels (SMS, Email, Call) of patient reminder delivery, plus 2-way functionality on SMS. Don’t just remind your patients, give them the ability to confirm or request a reschedule automatically.

LAB RESULTS ON THE GO. Send, receive and securely store faxes on virtually any device with Email-to-Fax and Fax-to-Email functionality. Get voice-mail via Email or SMS notifications. The cloud allows you to have any phone call ring on multiple phones/mobile phones or devices at the same time and pick up the call where it suits you.

PATIENTS RECEIVE YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION. Establish one central point of entry for all of your calls to any of your office location and connect calls between offices.  You can route calls efficiently among offices while your patient does not need to know your schedule and whereabouts in order to reach you.  Also, with the virtual receptionist and auto-attendant, patients will be directed to the appropriate department without being put on hold.

Reduce downtime and focus on the patient experience. Click here to learn more.




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