4 Ways Microsoft Copilot Amplifies the Value of MS Teams

Enhancing productivity and collaboration within digital platforms is crucial for businesses looking to stay competitive. Microsoft's latest innovation, Copilot for Microsoft 365, is a testament to this pursuit – especially within Microsoft Teams.

This AI-powered assistant is a transformative tool designed to elevate the capabilities of Microsoft 365 applications so businesses can achieve more. Early adopters are already reaping the benefits; 70% said Copilot made them more productive, and 68% said the feature improved the quality of their work.1

Read on to learn how Copilot for Microsoft 365 can help your business get the most value out of your MS Teams investment.

How Does Microsoft Copilot Improve Productivity in MS Teams?

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a paid feature, available at $30 per month per user. However, it’s more than just an add-on – it demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to investing in AI for productivity solutions. This strategic tool highlights the potential of AI to not only streamline business processes but also to provide significant returns on investment. Here’s what Copilot can give your company:

1. Streamlined Meetings 

The average worker spends at least three hours each week in meetings,2 making meetings a critical component of business communications. Copilot offers real-time summaries, action items, and response suggestions directly in MS Teams, ensuring your meetings are more productive and outcomes are clearly defined and trackable. With this feature, your staff can maximize their meeting time and focus on actionable results.


2. Effortless Content Creation

Creating emails, documents, and presentations is a daily task for many workers, often taking up a significant portion of the workday. Copilot integrates seamlessly into MS Teams and M365 to simplify this process, leveraging AI to generate high-quality content based on simple user prompts. This not only accelerates the content creation process but also supports creativity, allowing your teams to produce more engaging and effective communications.

3. Dynamic Collaboration 

Effective team collaboration increased profitability rates by 21% in 2023.3 Copilot enhances collaboration by enabling document sharing directly within MS Teams. It offers suggestions for edits and the ability to provide real-time feedback, ensuring your employees can easily refine and perfect their projects in a more dynamic and collaborative workspace.

4. Automated Administration

Copilot can also streamline repetitive, time-consuming administrative tasks. It can automatically schedule meetings based on calendar availability, manage notifications and reminders, generate reports to track project progress, format documents to ensure consistency, and much more. By handling these administrative tasks that often distract from higher-value work, Copilot lets your staff focus on the projects and initiatives that really move your business forward. 


Embrace the Future of AI in Business Communications With UniVoIP

With Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365, your business can leverage AI to redefine how your teams operate, communicate, and collaborate in today’s digital age. But to fully capitalize on these opportunities, partnering with a business communications expert like UniVoIP is key.

UniVoIP specializes in helping businesses overcome communication and collaboration challenges with our Cloud Voice for Microsft Teams solution. We’ll help you integrate innovative AI-powered tools like Copilot so you can achieve new levels of efficiency and business growth with MS Teams. Ready to see our cloud-native voice calling solution in action? Start your free 30-day trial today.


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