5 Phone System Features Every Business Should Have

“Must Haves” Blog Series: 5 Must Have Features from an Advanced Business Phone System

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Business phone Systems  come in all different shapes and sizes, but the true power of a robust communication solution that meets the needs of a business lies in its features.

Every organization has a different business model, expectation of success, and goals to achieve. Why should a business phone system be one size fits all when business models aren’t? They shouldn’t be. We are now in a generation of phone systems that are designed specifically to cater to businesses on a personal level and partner with the organization on their path to success.

Take a look at 5 phone system features that UniVoIP’s OfficeConnect communication solution offers and see how your current phone system measures up. While this list is only the beginning of a robust feature set available, these particular features should be at the foundation of every business.

  1. Online Administration allowing users to configure their phones and administrators to fully manage the company’s phone system while monitoring their account activity in real time.
  2. Mobile Twinning allowing users to have all calls to their extension ring simultaneously on an external phone such as their cell phone. Upon answering, the users have the ability to switch to their desktop phone without having to transfer the call.
  3. Call Coverage Specifying where unanswered calls should be directed such as voicemail, auto attendant, or another phone number.
  4. All-Page and Page Groups where users can page all phones at the site or a specific groups that are in an idle state using a programmed memory key.
  5. UniFAX is a fax solution for efficient, paperless and secure transmission of faxes. With UniFax you can entirely eliminate the delays and inefficiencies of paper-based fax processes.

Experience the power of the cloud. Click here to learn more about UniVoIP’s cloud-based business phone system. 


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