5 Reasons Nonprofit Organizations Need Mass Messaging

Increase engagement and deliver timely information through group messaging.

A mass notification solution allows nonprofit organizations to reach supporters and drive donations, broadcast alerts and messages to the list of donors and members through phone, e-mail, text, or overhead paging. Improve ongoing engagement and communication, schedule appointments, and send alerts and reminders in real-time.

1. Emergency
In case of an emergency, mass messaging allows your organization to quickly make everyone aware of the situation and offer instructions for a response when needed. Emergencies are often a time when some organizations are needed the most, and UniVoIP’s mass messaging solution lets you react quickly.

2. Charitable Giving
According to Blackbaud lastest press release, Charitable Giving Report shows online giving continues to outpace traditional giving as donors shift channels. Consider adding mass messaging to your fundraising strategy and send out mass messages with links to your donations page. Not only do more people check their email and text messages on the mobile, but when all media are combined the connection with your supporters take a new meaning.

3. Recruit and Organize Volunteers
Whether you are looking for volunteers to staff your pledge drive, help out at a food kitchen, or help organize an event for your charity, mass messaging can help you recruit and organize those who want to give their time.

4. Enlist Supporters To Spread The Word
Turn your donors into advocates for your organization by asking them to share their stories and spread the word. Send links via mass email/text/phone messaging to your blog post highlighting stories from your supporters and ask them to share it through social media, email and text message to their friends and family.

5. Inspire and Motivate People With Mass Messaging
To inspire your supporters to donate and act, send out regularly scheduled motivational quotes or pearls of wisdom. This is a great way to keep your organization top of mind and remind people of the greater cause you are supporting. You can set up a Text-for-Info type keyword and have people get an auto SMS reply whenever they text in your keyword, or send out broadcast emails, calls or texts to your subscriber list.


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