5 Ways That Nonprofits Are Going Green With VoIP

VoIP Makes It Easy For Nonprofits To Go Green


One of the goals for any nonprofit organization is to promote sustainability and operate their business in the most environmentally friendly manner. VoIP allows organizations to improve their workflows as well as increase collaboration, while also promoting a healthier and more sustainable environment. A nonprofit’s ability to leverage an advanced communications system that  takes the organization’s connectivity with the community, donors and staff to a whole new level while also advocating for the “green movement”, is the fastest growing trend in the industry.

Take a look at 5 ways that VoIP helps a Nonprofit Go Green

1. VoIP cuts down on a nonprofit’s carbon emissions by making it simple for employees to telecommute. Whether at home, in the field or out of the country, nonprofit employees have access to all the advanced features of the communication’s system as if they were in the office.

2. VoIP eliminates the need to update/replace outdated phone systems and hardware, lowering the amount of raw material waste sent to landfills. Nonprofits are cutting down on their introduction of environmentally unfriendly substances into the environment by leveraging modernized telecommunications technology.

3. By entering into the cloud with VoIP, nonprofits are eliminating the need to utilize expensive copper wiring containing toxic materials that leave traces  in the environment.

4. VoIP reduces the amount of paper usage a nonprofit organization uses every day. By utilizing a fax via email feature, nonprofits eliminate the need to use a fax machine as well as waste unnecessary amounts of paper.

5. VoIP cuts down on energy usage and energy costs for nonprofits. Not only does a nonprofit save money each month with an affordable communications solution, but also saves money on utility bills. VoIP phones require less energy to power and less budget to allocate towards monthly payments.

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