A Quick and Easy Solution for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations Experience Rapid Implementation of an Advanced Communication Solution

One of the most attractive aspects of cloud communications is the ease in which services can ensue. When you adopt cloud technology, your implementation is fast and hassle free; which means, your business can focus more on what really matters. There is no waiting around, no downtime in your start-of -service, and no waiting to get necessary equipment. With cloud communications, your experience is as fast and easy as it gets.


The process of adopting cloud communications:

  • Installation is done in under an hour. Your phone is ready, your extension is a click away and then it’s ready to be activated. That’s it.
  • Helping you understand. “You’re activated!” It’s as simple as that. Now, you’re being walked through each feature and amenity offered to you and you’re delighted by how user-friendly the online portal is. It’s all just a few clicks to a fully customized phone system. 

You are now with a provider that will support your communication needs, adapt with your requirements and a Service Level Agreement that protects you from unexpected fees during your trip. With lifetime upgrades to keep your organization up-to-date and access to features and functionalities that are directly customized to fit your organization’s needs, you’re now in the hands of a service provider that will help your nonprofit flourish.

Even if you had no idea about the cloud, its features, capabilities or functionality; the cloud provides you with technical support to guide you through every step of the way. The process is so simple that your cloud service provider has people going to your site to hand-hold you through the beginning stages.  Your nonprofit is provided with everything you need in order to leverage its capabilities for your organization.

Let a leader in nonprofit communications help find the right solution to meet your needs. Ask about UniVoIP’s Phone Donation Program and equip your entire team with advanced VoIP phones. 


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