Automation Has Become a Way of Life

What do you think of when you hear the word “automation?” Some people think about machines taking over the world, but others think of it as something that will help human beings live their lives and do their jobs. Automation is becoming more important in society today and it’s a trend that will continue. In fact, automation is helping us in areas where we didn’t even think we needed it. For example:

  • Late model cars can manage turning bright lights on and off. People are finding that the car’s automation can do that task faster and more accurately than they can.
  • People who had no intention of ever letting their phones do their banking for them are now taking photos of checks and letting the bank verify them and make a deposit.
  • Cooks are becoming more creative because the time-consuming task of chopping and mixing are now done by the latest kitchen appliances.
  • We all use remote controls to change the channels on our televisions and no one is concerned about the fact that the pilot puts the airplane on autopilot during their flight to Topeka.

UniVoIP is firmly committed to developing automation that can help customers do their jobs. This type of automation will improve your business’ productivity and agility.

uploading a check with automation

Streamlining Communications Service Management

As communication systems become more sophisticated, managing those systems can become more intimidating. UniVoIP’s goal is to make communications easy for our customers, and we’re doing it through automation. Our aim is to integrate automation in several of our products – and integrating voice into Microsoft Teams is a good example of that commitment.

Automated Onboarding in Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams

UniVoIP helps ease the burden on customers in managing communications with our Service Control portal. The portal provides real-time control and visibility, allowing customers to use a single point of access to view, control, and report on all their cloud communication services.

Many organizations using Microsoft Teams want to use it for voice communications to make, receive, and transfer calls right from within the Teams interface. With the addition of Microsoft Teams cloud voice to Service Control, enterprises can independently provision the cloud voice service for their Microsoft Teams environment in minutes.

UniVoIP’s Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams product is purpose-built to provide voice communications in Microsoft Teams. As a result, since we own the native architecture, we have a direct connection to the Teams environment, and no third-party appliances are required. We can make continuous improvements to the code without interruption.

The latest improvement we made creates an automated workflow feature for Teams that is also integrated into the Service Control portal. Using the portal, you can:

using service control portal
  • Activate Teams Cloud Voice voice paths
  • Select and add new telephone numbers to Teams in real time
  • Initiate porting requests for existing numbers
  • Associate telephone numbers to Microsoft Teams users with appropriate Microsoft 365 user license to support Cloud Voice service
  • Enable and disable voicemail for users
  • Enable and disable unrestricted international calling
  • Verify services by automatically tracking outbound and inbound calls of activated MS Teams users in real time

You don’t need a technical administrator because the user interface is so simple; anyone can set up the cloud voice service for over 100 Teams users in 15 minutes or less!

Now that we have developed this cloud-native workflow feature, we can automate onboarding for any “voice as a feature” service we develop in the future.

Find out all about our Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams product and our efforts to leverage automation today. 


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