The Benefits of Unified Communications for Educational Institutions

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) Tools Help Educational Facilities Operate More Efficiently

Unified Communications (UC) solutions and advanced collaboration tools provide schools and districts with advanced features and functionalities, application integrations and end-to-end solutions. Offering institutions with 21st century IT infrastructure that delivers quality voice, video and collaboration solutions over a single network improves administrative efficiencies and service levels while keeping communications costs affordable.

UCC solutions enable real-time campus communications designed to approach IT infrastructures as an investment and a long term commitment to staff, parent and community interaction. With a versatile architecture delivering fast and operational responses as well as reduced costs on a grand scale, UCC solutions are the perfect choice for educational institutions seeking to adopt modern day technology.

Features, Functionality and IP Phones

UCC Solutions offer IP communication features and functionality that extend campus networks into homes and local businesses, enabling staff and students to work from any location, at any time. With an award winning portfolio of IP phones and applications powered by advanced features that help staff communicate and collaborate, UCC solutions transform the way educational facilitates operate. Advanced features including a multilingual auto attendant, voicemail to email, fax-via-email, mass messaging, paging, conferencing and more equip institutions with a robust feature set that empowers efficiency. Furthermore, Unified Communication and collaboration solutions facilitate a 21st century classroom design with video infusion, targeted distance learning, mentoring, lecturing and more.

Mobility and Collaboration Tools

One of the most appealing aspects of unified communications are the mobile UC and telephony capabilities for teachers and administrators to improve collaboration with colleagues, parents and students from anywhere, at any time. IP conferencing and collaboration applications facilitate interaction and communication among teachers, students and the community, and advanced messaging applications improve parental outreach and community involvement.  Furthermore, institutions can enhance public-facing staff with call handling and routing to ensure efficient staff and student interaction.

UCC Solutions offer schools feature-rich communication with mobile staff including campus security, IT support and administrative professionals by providing ubiquitous access to campus communication regardless of device or location.

Cost Reduction and Financial Assistance

UCC solutions are highly appealing to budget-constrained schools that need to meet the growing demand of parents and staff requiring more flexible communications. By eliminating capital expenses with UCC solutions and reducing monthly communication costs, educational institutions are able to achieve higher standards of IT infrastructure.

Financial Assistance:

E-Rate Funding: E-Rate is a commonly used name for the Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund, administered by Universal Service Administrative Company under the direction of the FCC. The program provides discounts to assist schools and libraries to obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access.

The California Teleconnect Fund (CTF): CTF is a program run by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that provides a 25% off voice services and a 50% discount for broadband on select communication services for schools, libraries, hospitals, nonprofit organizations and about 7,000 Community Based Organizations (CBOs).


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