How Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams Can Skyrocket Collaboration

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work and how teams collaborate. It’s a change that may be here for good. The human connection has always driven collaboration, but now workplaces need to rethink their approach. 

How can distributed teams remain collaborative when not working face to face? Microsoft Teams is a key element for keeping businesses collaborative, productive, and successful – so much so, that Microsoft reported a 70% increase in daily active users in the last year alone.1

Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams provides an even greater user experience for channel partners’ customers. Let’s talk more about the technology behind Cloud Voice and how it can benefit your clients.

How Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams Works

Microsoft Teams is often used as a way for team members to communicate internally. These days, however, there is a need to collaborate outside of the office – from any device. Cloud Voice provides the functionality that makes this possible by enabling businesses to access the public switched telephone network (PSTN) from Microsoft Teams.

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Using Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams, users can make and receive calls and transfer calls to or from any device, anytime. Regardless of whether team members are calling via an internal Microsoft Teams user or an external destination, the user experience remains the same. 

Cloud Voice provides businesses with:  

  • A single point of access, simplifying collaboration.
  • No single point of failure, meaning in the event of a disruption, your customers can quickly recover.
  • Uninterrupted switch-over from existing on-premise solutions. 
  • The flexibility to use Microsoft Teams as a standalone solution or in combination with desktop phones.
  • A completely automated provisioning approach to both direct and indirect channels.

These Cloud Voice capabilities exceed the demands of today’s remote workforce. It also comes with many benefits that solve remote collaboration problems for your customers.

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Beyond Collaboration: Reaping the Benefits of Cloud Voice

The technology behind Cloud Voice helps users come together in an easy-to-use, intuitive environment. This central hub helps promote communication among team members and nurture a collaborative culture. 

Microsoft Teams includes tools like video conferencing, interactive meetings, and live event hosting to help improve collaboration. While greater collaboration is the result of Cloud Voice, it’s not the only benefit users will see. 

Using Cloud Voice also enables your customers to gain benefits like:

Higher Productivity

Using Cloud Voice takes the capabilities of Microsoft Teams from an internal-only solution to an external communication tool.

Enabling employees to receive and transfer all calls either to or from a work number tremendously improves productivity, since they no longer need to transition between phone systems for external communication. By keeping all business communication on a single platform, businesses can nurture greater productivity across the enterprise.

Greater Security

Microsoft Teams provides users with enterprise-grade security that features two-factor authentication. It also provides single sign-on and encrypted data. Advanced threat protection (ATP) identifies malicious content, blocking it to ensure that users have access to risk-free downloads. 

Limitless Capacity

A virtualized, multi-stack architecture provides businesses with limitless capacity. The solution is delivered via a cloud-native platform that is highly scalable to meet not only current needs, but also the future needs of any organization. 

Enhance Your Customers’ Collaboration

Microsoft Teams provides easy to use collaboration tools that are necessary for today’s remote-work environments and help keep businesses connected. Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams enables users to collaborate effectively, regardless of where they are in the world. 

UniVoIP is one of the only providers of Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams. We deliver our Cloud Voice solution through a completely virtualized, cloud-native calling platform. On top of this, our channel program offers customers white-glove service and a team of cloud engineers to provide support. In fact, 30% of our workforce consists of credentialed engineers. With an industry-low churn rate of .25%, we guarantee near-total success for each of our partners, with pricing that is the lowest in the industry. 

Start beating the competition today with a tool that no one else has. Now that you know how Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams can improve your customers’ ability to collaborate, learn more about UniVoIP’s channel program today and see the difference white-glove service makes. 

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