What to Consider When Choosing a Business VoIP Provider in 2018

Migrating to VoIP is the easy decision, but are you asking potential service providers the right questions?

As the technological evolution continues to disrupt much of what we have always known business communication to be, we are seeing a continuous move towards Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for the obvious benefits it has. From cost savings, innovative technology, advanced features and functionality to creating a better customer service experience, VoIP has transformed the way we do business and has set a standard for future growth in the telecommunications industry.

Companies all throughout the world are transitioning from traditional phone systems and leaving behind antiquated ways of communicating with colleagues, partners, mobile workers and even customers. What’s more is that businesses of all sizes are realizing the long term savings on maintenance fees, support expenses, hardware upgrade fees and feature enhancement costs that were once a requirement to operate with a legacy phone system.

So if in 2018 you’re looking to upgrade your business phone system to VoIP, here are a few things you should consider:

Scope Out The Provider’s Hidden Charges

We all know that VoIP is a cost efficient solution for business communications, but know that each provider is different and not all one-size-fits-all. There may be hidden charges for licensing, support, global calling or even usage fees. Always check the fine print and understand that with the right VoIP provider, you should always have a predictable monthly bill.

Get a DEMO and See How the Solution Works

As with everything, make sure that you like the solution, its interface, the functionality and the look and feel of the entire solution. You and your colleagues are going to live with the system and it’s vital that you get a LIVE demo to understand if the system is going to work for you. Is it user-friendly? Does it have the right functionality? Can you customize it the way you want? These are all questions that your dedicated account executive should be able to answer for you.

Check the Provider Credentials

With VoIP being one of the hottest offerings in the IT world, many providers will try and many will fail. Before selecting your provider, always check the history of the company, ownership changes, the credit score, customer testimonials and online reviews. It’s vital that the company has a good track record of business and is wise with the way they use their money. As we continue to see major providers filing for Chapter 11, being acquired or merging with other providers, we continue to see the impact these obstacles have on customers and the potential disruption in customer satisfaction.

Ask about Disaster Recovery Plans

Business continuity through disaster recovery plans is easy in the cloud. Your cloud provider should lay out the potential disruptions in service and clearly explain their plan to ensure your business keeps lines of communication open even in the event of a disaster. It’s important that your business is prepared before disaster strikes and with the proper Business Continuity Plans, you will be able to initiate the override, and phone calls to your business will be re-routed to ensure that you can serve your customers as usual until the system is restored.

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