Differentiate Yourself in the ‘Race to Zero’ With UniVoIP

With the commoditization of VoIP over the last decade, hosted voice solutions have become less and less profitable for partners. Why is this happening? In an effort to remain competitive themselves, providers have raced to go lower and lower with prices. This means businesses pay less and less for voice – and partners, in turn, make less and less.

One side effect of the “race to zero” is that end-users are ultimately disappointed by stripped-down voice service that doesn’t adequately address communication needs. In an era of remote work where cloud voice solutions have become more critical to businesses’ success than ever, sub-par solutions won’t cut it.

Don't let the commoditization of VoIP get you down.

You have an opportunity as a partner to differentiate yourself in two ways in the cloud voice market: give your customers impressive technology and provide impeccable service. Here’s how UniVoIP offers both. 

Advanced Technology Will Keep You Ahead – and Keep Your Customers Within Budget

Big-name providers are using tactics that help them drop their prices but harm the quality of the solutions they offer you and your customers. One example of this is that a provider will increase storage and bandwidth for customers – but use less efficient equipment in their data centers. This actually increases the likelihood of downtime – the last thing anyone wants. 

UniVoIP doesn’t sacrifice quality for the sake of slashing prices; and we still offer our cloud communications solutions at a low monthly cost that’s competitive in the industry. We’ll link your clients’ locations, people, and customers together using powerful, enterprise-grade technology. Businesses of all sizes benefit from:

  • Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams
  • SD-WAN
  • Centralized management
  • User-friendly Virtual Conferencing 
  • OmniChannel Contact Center audio web and video conferencing
  • Centralized management
  • Feature-rich mobile collaboration applications 
  • Voicemail-to-email transcription for efficient communication
  • Call recording and fax-via-email
  • More – delivered in a way that’s customizable to their needs

UniVoIP provides this robust functionality while helping your clients stay within budget – without sacrificing reliability.

Count on UniVoIP for Service That Exceeds Expectations

When you partner with UniVoIP, your customers can expect a white-glove experience backed by a team of highly trained professionals that make customer service a personal priority. Even at our low monthly rate, we offer access to 24/7/365 technical assistance, one-on-one customer support, and ongoing admin and user training. 

You can rest assured knowing your customers are taken care of and satisfied by our expert support. We have an industry-low churn rate of only .25% – which means the odds are in your favor for retaining the customers you’ve gained thanks to UniVoIP.

Get Started Selling Impressive Voice Technology and Impeccable Service

Big-name providers will make promises that look good on paper but often result in dissatisfied customers who can’t get the reliable service they deserve or the functionality they require. UniVoIP partners know they’re offering a cloud voice product that doesn’t cut corners for the sake of cutting costs in the race to zero. Your customers won’t have any service complaints, which improves your credibility and helps you build long-term relationships – and recurring revenue. 

If you’re looking for a provider that will satisfy your customers’ needs while keeping them well within their budgets, look no further than UniVoIP. Contact us today to get started with a partnership.


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