Every Nonprofit Needs Donor Engagement Technology: DonorConnect

Revolutionary Donor Engagement Technology that Creates Meaningful Relationships with Supporters

Unify all your nonprofit’s communications such as fax, email, text and your phone system so that you can focus on your constituents, optimize outreach programs and increase revenue.

Supported by OfficeConnect, an award winning cloud-based phone solution, DonorConnect helps your nonprofit generate donations quicker, cut overhead costs, reduce “no-shows” by up to 30%, increase staff efficiency and streamline communication.


Event Reminders – “No More, No-Shows”. Increase fundraising attendance and generate additional donations

  • Text, email and voice notifications
  • Interactive, 2-way texting
  • Reduce call volume and hold time
  • Customize messages and delivery intervals

Automated Donor/Member Surveys or Seasonal Birthday Greetings – Automatically deliver surveys or send personalized greetings

  • Text and email
  • Keep donors happy with automated birthday greetings
  • Automated surveys delivered the day following an event or appointment
  • Customize questions and delivery intervals
  • Manage your online reputation with control over your organization’s reviews

Bulk Messaging – Give your donors the attention they deserve with ongoing newsletters and marketing initiatives

  • Text, email, voice
  • Time block for weather closings and re-arranging schedules
  • Bulk messaging for marketing, fundraising and newsletters

Payment and/or Donation Notifications – Create and automate custom messages that drive donors to make donations

  • Text
  • Create custom messages and intervals and let the software do the rest
  • Eliminate paper statements that are a drain on resources
  • Leverage mobile payments

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