Fostering Team Collaboration with Technology

The Modern Company MUST Adopt Team Collaboration Technology to Thrive

Working as a team can be hard under any circumstance. Differences of opinions, varying skill levels, objections, personality traits, time constraints, location restrictions, documentation management and more, are all things that can create barriers to success for the average team. As a result, some staff members embrace team work, while others avoid it like the plague.

In a “so-called” perfect world, the “team fanatics” would team up, while the “team avoiders” would stick to their solo projects. Well, that’s not so perfect actually. In that world, employers miss out on major opportunities to combine powerful skill sets, ultimately creating missed opportunities in revenue streams.

Think of it this way…

It’s like a middle school dance floor. An awkward shared space where the team fanatics mingle on one side of the gym, while the team avoiders, way on the other side of the gym sitting in bleachers, scroll away on their smartphones avoiding anyone and everyone as if they will become contaminated with the infamous “cooties”.

So how do we bring these two groups together to create the most awesome dance party ever? It’s easy… play better music.

Okay, the metaphor is over, but you see where I am going with this, right?

In the workforce, you can bring these two groups together with the right set of mobile team collaboration and productivity tools. When you do that, you’re providing an environment where both groups can collaborate, produce and thrive together in a way that suits their particular work preferences.

Here is why fostering team collaboration is so important.

  1. Engaging employees: “Only 33% of employees are engaged at work”, says Nick Sanchez, Chief People Officer at Namely. WHAT? How on earth are we to expect our employees to produce if they aren’t engaged? One of the most known ways to engage employees is to improve teamwork environments and with the growing trend of companies hiring remote workers, team collaboration and productivity tools are necessary.
  2. Healthier employees: No we aren’t talking about training for a marathon. The Harvard Business Review says that if you really want to improve your staff’s wellness and satisfaction, you must create a culture of collaboration. So it’s time to eliminate that toxic work environment and leverage the right tools to encourage the RIGHT kind of collaboration.
  3. Actual productive meetings: Yeah… meetings… can… be… so… boring. They can also be counterproductive, too. In fact, the modern workforce is moving away from meetings. How, you ask? It’s simple. With the right team collaboration tools, all information is store and shared digitally, so all team members are kept in the loop regardless of time, location or device.

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