The Greatest Return for Telecommunication Budgets: The Cloud

Consider the Financials of Choosing The Cloud for Your Business


Cloud Computing Cost Savings

Two of the first reasons many companies choose to implement cloud computing is both capital expenditure savings and ongoing operating expense. These have always been two of the most attractive benefits of cloud computing in a time where fiscal responsibility is more important than ever. With cloud computing, companies do not have to worry about over-purchasing expensive, outdated hardware, adding in-house staff or expanding current data centers. Not to mention, cloud computing’s most flexible cost model allows companies to cut costs at the same time their organization is growing. It’s a win-win situation.

You know what taking the trip into the cloud will cost AND save you. Your sales executive should be able to offer you a complete ROI calculation report and provide you with a detailed understanding of potential operating cost savings.

The Greatest Return for Telecommunication Budgets

Now that we have established it doesn’t cost much to take the trip and your business will see initial and ongoing cost savings, let’s take a look at what you will actually have to pay in the cloud.

You don’t have to spend much. 

Taking a trip into the cloud has very minimal capital requirements especially if data network already exists and the only initial expenditure are IP phones for the office. By switching to the cloud, your business is moving to an OPEX model from a CAPEX model. Not only does this allow for your business to avoid initial high capital expenditures, but it gives you piece of mind. You know what you will be paying and for how long you will be paying it.

No payment until you reach your destination. 

You won’t have to pay anything until you’re on your trip into the cloud and your service is ON and fully functional. Additionally, there is flexibility for start-of-service date to reduce wasted spending and you can migrate to the cloud whenever is best for your company.

Don’t be surprised by unexpected trip expenses.

Cloud computing offers predictable monthly expenses, which allows organizations to know exactly what their telecom expenses will be each month. There are no unexpected costs associated with software, upgrades, licensing or hardware maintenance.

Buy only what you need.

VoIP services allow companies to buy only what they need and offer the ease and accessibility of adding and/or removing users as needed. Additionally, any configuration changes are provided at no charge. It’s that easy.


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