Hidden Costs of a Legacy Business Phone System: Avoid The Drain with VoIP

Most Businesses Face Unexpected Costs During and After Installing a Traditional Phone System: All of Which Can Be Avoided with VoIP

Businesses today have become acclimated to a telecom environment that pushes unexpected costs on organizations during and after implementation of a new phone system. Phone system providers have been a constant drain on budgets for businesses for years now and it’s become apparent that most organizations do not realize they are being taken advantage of. In fact, many walk into contracts assuming they will experience fluctuating costs, service fees and ongoing upgrade and maintenance expenses. But why are organizations putting up with this?

We have moved beyond the days of traditional telephone systems through service providers that nickle and dime every customer from day one. Because of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems, businesses can at long last take control of their communication expenses and save their budget for more important matters that will increase revenue.

With VoIP, organizations free themselves of surprise charges and expenses associated with maintaining a mediocre phone system.

Here are the 3 top most common hidden costs that businesses face but can easily avoid with VoIP:


Hardware, Set up, Maintenance and Service Fees

Ouch! This is a big one. It’s impossible for companies to prosper and communicate effectively with an outdated system that requires continuous hardware replacement, upgrades and fixes; all of which are associated with extensively high prices. Not to mention, initial set up fees for a traditional phone system are exorbitant and completely avoidable.

The thing is, many companies across the nation continue to buy into these legacy phone systems that offer limited functionality but are riddled with unexpected charges nearly every month.

The Solution: VoIP innovation is saving companies a lot of money and making it possible to avoid investing in an in-house PBX infrastructure. Modern businesses can flourish with hardware that doesn’t become obsolete, maintenance requirements that are minimal and included as well as non-existent service fees.

Pay to Grow!

Obviously growth is a main priority for any business, but with a traditional phone system, growth means you have to pay more… a lot more! Traditional phone service providers love when businesses grow and they love to exploit your growth through costing you more.

Installing a new phone, adding a new employee and adding a location all come with a big price tag for legacy phone system users. It all requires an unnecessary amount of involvement from the service provider just to charge you an arm and a leg when it can be completely avoidable.

The solution: VoIP phone service providers make it easy to scale at a pace that is set by the business itself. Adding a phone line is as easy as clicking a button through an online portal, installing a new phone is as easy as plugging it in and adding a location is as simple as tacking on a few more phones and lines under the same package. Long gone are the days where even a simple change to your phone system requires a service visit with a big bill attached. VoIP let’s your business be in control so that your business can avoid a deteriorating budget.

Upgrading That Breaks The Budget

We are in a technological error where innovation is happening freely and rapidly. It’s happening so quickly that many organizations are left in the dust and they don’t even know it. With a legacy phone system provider, organizations face continuous upgrade charges OR they are forced into the black hole of outdated technology.

Quickly, hardware becomes obsolete and is expensive to maintain. That’s if the hardware the organization is leveraging is even manufactured anymore! Sometimes, companies just get stuck with equipment that can’t be serviced, upgraded or altered in any way. So why do so many organizations pay a fortune for equipment that is just… antiquated? The truth is, most companies don’t know any better.

The Solution: It’s simple. With VoIP, upgrades are included and happen at a pace that keeps communication for your business ahead of the curve and increases your return on investment. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a phone system that modernized WITH your organization instead of holding you back? There are no questionable charges for an upgrade, no fees associated with a new version of the software, and companies eliminate the need to continually upgrade their equipment for a hefty price.

There is a new standard in telecom and VoIP solutions are making it an easy decision for organizations.

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