How Customer Experience is UniVoIP’s Number 1 Priority

At UniVoIP, Customers Come First

Here at UniVoIP, we know that providing a positive experience for our customers can have a dramatic impact on their ability to leverage our solution to its fullest. Whether through monthly online customer training sessions, one-on-one support or access to 24/7/365 technical assistance, our team of highly trained professionals ensures that customers are given every opportunity to succeed with our solutions.

Our customer service programs provide value to customers by approaching service requests, tickets and calls with the personalized attention that customers deserve. We are proud to maintain well above average customer retention rates because of our mission to establish a trustworthy environment in which our customers can rely on optimum service levels.


UniVoIP’s Customer Support Rating as of September 2018: 4.98/5 stars


Recent Customer Feedback for Individual Team Members:

  • 5 Stars Awarded: “Moji is part of an excellent team of technicians at UniVoIP who not only fix the problem, but are patient, reliable and courteous in doing so.”
  • 5 Stars Awarded: “Derrick is excellent! Thank you for your hep!”
  • 5 Stars Awarded: “Please give Derrick a raise. He went above and beyond to help me. He was so patient!”
  • 5 Stars Awarded: “Rodrigo got the job done and he did it quickly!”

Customer Testimonials on Customer Experience with UniVoIP:

I really appreciate the reliable communications, full-service approach, easy installation, great support, fast response and the fact that UniVoIP really seemed to understand our challenges…” – Closet Factory

With UniVoIP, internet and voice communication is no longer a concern. I can spend my time on other business priorities. Thank you for removing this obstacle.”  – Bridges Inc.

“We are very happy with the services that UniVoIP provides for us. We especially like that the system is user friendly with its excellent features like the online administrator and help desk. – Bellwether Asset Management

“I can’t say enough good things about UniVoIP, their solution and the customer service we have experienced from day one. We were initially set on choosing a local service provider, assuming that would mean better service, but UniVoIP proved it’s not about locality but quality of services delivered.”. – Adoption Circle

“Telecommunications has changed a lot over the years and UniVoIP is changing with it. UniVoIP is well-known in the industry for forward thinking and is the true leader in the industry.” South Bay Workforce Investment Board

“The UniVoIP consultant was very helpful from the beginning. He explained all the features and the value of having a system we weren’t familiar with. We knew what we were getting up-front.” – International Institute of Akron



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