How Nonprofits Can Receive Cash Donations For Referring An Organization

This Year Alone, We Have Donated over $21,000 in Cash Donations To Nonprofits and Are Ready For More

How it works

Do you know of a nonprofit organization that could use a better communication system and get free cloud-based phones? Would you like to help a nonprofit organization struggling with steep operating expenses and a poor communication system?

If so,  let us know and we will make a cash donation to your organization for every referral you send our way that qualifies for our phone donation program and become a UniVoIP customer.

The Cash Donation

The Cash Donation process is a very simple one. You help other nonprofits and we help you. In fact, we will donate $50 per user per each referral-converted customer you submit.

Sample Contribution

A referred nonprofit organization of 20 users will receive 20 feature-rich phones and you will receive a cash donation of $1,000. Your donation will be proportionate to the referred nonprofit organization size as shown below.

Your donation: $50 x 20 users = $1,000
Your donation: $50 x 50 users = $2,500
Your donation: $50 x 100 users = $5,000

Learn more: Offering free new feature-rich VoIP phones and lower monthly service fees for your entire organization.


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