How Nonprofits Profit With Cloud Communications

Nonprofits Experience Advanced Technology With Cloud Communications and Gain an Innovative Way to Communicate

According to the National Center for Charitable statistics, there are more than 1.5 million tax-exempt organizations in the US and all operate under a very tight budget. These nonprofit organizations serve as invaluable resources for the community at large and are at the foundation of our culture and society.

Since nonprofits often work within the limitations of limited budgets, resources and staff, cloud communications has become increasingly more appealing to the industry due to the cost savings and mobility. For a low monthly cost, nonprofits can gain a whole new world of communications and connectivity with cloud communications.

Auto Attendant. With virtual PBX systems, callers can be routed automatically to the extension or department they need even if the organization can’t afford to hold an on-site receptionist. A nonprofit can operate in the same manner as a large enterprise with regards to directing calls, managing call routing and offering callers immediate assistance without the need to pay a receptionist’s yearly salary.

Cloud Communications uses money-saving technology. Cloud technology is a great way for nonprofits to cut costs. The feature-rich VoIP phones focus on the amount of data transmitted rather than counting minutes like traditional phone services do. Additionally, long-distance calls can be made for free. Not to mention, nonprofits can also cut on maintenance, repair and replacement costs as cloud technology does not require the same sort of unnecessary attention as traditional phone systems.

Increasing mobility. Nonprofits, their volunteers, workers, and staff spend a lot of time out of the office and in the community. With a cloud-based phone system, all the members of the organization can access all their favorite features from anywhere and from multiple devises. Staff, volunteers and remote workers no longer have to face the communicative distance gap when serving the community.

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