How Organizations can Increase Productivity with Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams

Organizations with a global footprint, and remote workers scattered across cities, states and nations require a modern approach to a collaborative communications environment. As we continue to see rapid changes in the way businesses operate, employees communicate and customers interact with their favorite brands, a new norm is being established. A norm that breaks down the walls of office buildings and extends business operations across geographic boundaries, and into the homes of employees.

Historically, traditional business telephony was enough to keep staff engaged and customers satisfied, but not anymore. We’re living in an increasingly fast-paced world where the modern demands of business are challenging organizations to re-think their overall communications strategy – especially during and post-pandemic.

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55% of workers surveyed in the United States said that they would look elsewhere if the remote work option was taken away (Employment Hero)

With that said, many organizations have already deep-seated Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) into their everyday operations, and those that haven’t, are seriously considering making the leap. With a suite of productivity and collaborative tools including video conferencing, live event hosting, interactive meetings, file and application sharing, instant messaging and project management, businesses leveraging MS Teams is drastically improving internal workforce collaboration.

Currently, MS Teams has 75 million daily active users, an astounding increase from the 44 million users pre-pandemic (Business Insider). Based on that fact alone, it’s more than evident that MS Teams is solidifying its position as a staple in business communication across the globe.

However powerful MS Teams is as a standalone collaboration tool, enabling external communications adds robust capabilities that can essentially transform MS Teams into a comprehensive business telephony solution.

How is it done? It’s simple. Cloud Voice for MS Teams.

Cloud Voice for Microsoft Team Improves Productivity

A Cloud Voice solution transforms MS Teams into an integrated platform for internal and external communication to more efficiently manage inbound and outbound calls, whether from other Teams users or regular business calls to direct lines. Essentially, Cloud Voice for MS Teams combines the features and functionality of Teams with the powerful benefits of an enterprise-grade cloud phone system.

From any device, Cloud Voice enables users to make, receive and transfer calls to/from their work phone number on any device at any time. Without a Cloud Voice solution that isn’t possible.

So, to put it simply. Users can up their “productivity game” by placing all their business communication needs under a single platform. No more transitioning between their business phone system for external communication, to MS Teams for internal communication. Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams puts everything under one roof, simplifying and streamlining how businesses communicate.

In today’s business world, fostering collaboration in the most simplified way possible is the only answer to ensuring maximum productivity across an entire organization. A structure cannot stand unless every nut and bold is tightly affixed, ensuring that the structure can stand on it’s own. It’s the same thing with Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams.

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75% of employers in the United States surveyed said that they rate “Teamwork” and “Collaboration” very important for productivity. (Queens University of Charlotte)

Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams ensures that each employee, across every department, extending beyond every geographical location is equipped with a central work hub, connecting them to their colleagues, customers, and partners in the most productive way possible.


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