How VoIP and Non-Profit Organizations are Working Together for the Greater Good

VoIP and Non-Profit Organizations Make the Perfect Team

CREATE A LOCAL PRESENCE.  VoIP allows small organizations to appear much lager. By placing communications in the cloud, it becomes easier for non-profit organizations on a minimal budget to present themselves as a large enterprise allowing them to obtain more donations. The cloud offers mobility in that an organization can create outposts in any city by setting a local phone number without the need to rent office space. Additionally, VoIP allows non-profit organizations to travel anywhere in the world and connect to their home-base telephone system as long as there is wifi.

DISASTER RECOVERY. During a catastrophe, phones are more important than ever for non-profit organizations. With their continuous support and aid for large groups of people, natural disasters and emergencies are often when non-profits are needed the most. VoIP offers a robust system with full redundancy so the organization’s phones are always online, no matter what.

VoIP CAN HANDLE 5000+ CALL TELETHONS. UniVoIP joined CBS2, KCAL9, CBSLA & American Red Cross for A Hurricane Relief Telethon and showed just how powerful and efficient VoIP telecommunications really is. In less than a day, a call center was set up with advanced VoIP phones and a fully operational phone service that handled over 5000 calls. Celebrities and Red Cross Volunteers answered calls and processed donations all day long and with no issues. It was a huge success and an exciting step for VoIP telecommunications and non-profit organizations.

PHONE DONATION PROGRAM: Receive FREE advanced VoIP phones for qualified non-profit organizations. 



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