Screen Recording: Achieving Optimal Quality of Service with Customer Interaction Intelligence

Screen Recording is a New Customer Interaction Intelligence Tool That is a Turning Point in Quality Improvement Processes for Contact Center Agents


Powered by UniVoIP’s Omni-Channel Contact Center, Screen Recording is an advanced intelligence tool enabling contact center management to view the entire customer-agent interaction with simultaneously recorded call audio and desktop screen activity. With Screen Recording, supervisors are properly equipped to monitor, evaluate and further train agents to refine agent competencies and improve Key Performance Indicators, while also enhancing customer experience and proactively boosting customer satisfaction.

At the most basic level, the Screen Recording product records an agent’s desktop screen activity simultaneously as the audio of their phone call is recorded. The client application runs on the agent’s PC whose screen is being recorded, and can be set up so that monitoring is transparently done. The screen activity is then saved as a screen recording file and stored with the matching audio recording from the same customer interaction. Upon review, the contact center supervisor has access to the synchronized audio and screen recording playback for a full picture of all actions made to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Key Benefits

  • Create a complete picture of agent activity while on a LIVE call or via recordings
  • Quickly identify agent best-practice performance to improve quality of service
  • Determine bottlenecks and challenges in improving agent proficiency
  • Customize agent training to uniquely improve individual productivity levels
  • Determine most effective usage of desktop applications with User Interface analysis
  • Improve first call resolution and average time spent dealing with customer service
  • Leveraged as a process / workflow optimization tool
  • User Interface architecture and settings assessment tool

When contact center agents utilize screen recording throughout the quality improvement process, they are not only isolating system breakdowns that affect agent productivity levels, but are also uncovering efficiencies that shave time off of each customer interaction.  With Screen Recording, supervisors are able to identify proficiencies when leveraging PC applications that aid in improving Key Performance Indicators such as First Call Resolution, Average Handle Time, Schedule Adherence and After Call Work Time.

In conclusion, Screen Recording offers contact center institutions a turning point in quality improvement that offers more intelligence on customer interactions and improves overall impact of cross-functional teams while leveraging advanced tools and resources provided to them.


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