The Secret Why Enterprises Are Rapidly Moving To The Cloud.

An Enterprise-Class Phone System at a Small Business Cost.

Are you ready to embrace the new world of work? The benefits are plenty, but here are a few reasons why cloud computing is so attractive to businesses.

1. A Speedy Set Up. Once a business decides to adopt cloud communications, their office can be up and running with full functionality in a matter of a few hours. Even if a business is expanding, adding employees or adding offices, it only takes a click on there service providers end to make the change.

2. Security. All data is secured through encryption, therefore making all calls, emails, text and any other form of data transferred on the cloud, completely private.

3. Mobility. When businesses are constantly growing, employees are traveling around the world, working from home, or working from a remote location, communications stay the same. Every employee has access to the network no matter where they are as if they were sitting at their desk in the office.

4. Outsourcing IT. This is a big cost savings for a business. Outsourcing IT, whereby the service provider maintains, handles and manages all telecommunication related issues saves business a great deal of expenses. Not to mention, with an already low monthly subscription charge of moving to the cloud, businesses no longer have to deal with maintenance/upgrade costs associated with traditional telephone system hardware.

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Next week: The Myths of Cloud Based PBX

Snapshot: Myth: The cloud doesn’t give IT or the business sufficient control. 


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