The Very Real Technology Struggle of The Nonprofit World

Nonprofit Organizations Face Many Bottlenecks When Choosing The Right Technology To Meet Their Needs

You’re frustrated, there is not enough time and too much to do and you’re simply exhausted. You are tired of having a sluggish system, missing important phone calls, spending 30 minutes retrieving voicemails, waiting for at technician to set up a new staff member, spending an exorbitant amount of money and time on unexpected repairs, changing/upgrading every 2-3 years and being unable to communicate with remote workers in the field during critical situations.  It’s painful, isn’t it? Your current communications system is just downright painful and slowing your organization down, which is why you must partner with an expert who can conduct an assessment and tailor the best solution for you.

The purpose of any nonprofit organization, including yours, is to conduct business in a way that serves the community; whether it be health, culture, aid, awareness, advocating for a great cause, bringing peace, etc. The sole purpose of a nonprofit organization is to benefit the world around them. As the driving force behind most charitable programs and culturally beneficial initiatives, your nonprofit organization possesses a great deal of societal responsibility. While it is clear that your nonprofit and all others are at the core of goodwill, it is also very clear that you’re struggling with regards to technological progress and advancement for many reasons.

That being said, it is necessary for your nonprofit organization to operate with the same resources as a large enterprise in order to achieve the same results – only your progress directly correlates with the sustainability of our society and cultural relativism. While in a perfect world this would be easy for nonprofits such as yourself, organizations face many bottlenecks when choosing the right technology to match the needs of their mission.

Let a leader in nonprofit communications help find the right solution to meet your needs. Ask about UniVoIP’s Phone Donation Program and equip your entire team with advanced VoIP phones. 


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