Top 10 Ways Nonprofits Keep Major Gifts Coming

Nonprofits Thrive When it is Easier to Retain Donors that are Giving Major Gifts

It’s never a sure-thing that donors will keep giving major gifts to your nonprofit. In fact, you’re most likely to get one major gift from a donor and never hear from them again. Why is that?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Most nonprofits just aren’t doing enough to keep donors engaged and giving. Yes, many donors are facing personal financial constraints and budgets are pretty thin with the ever-rising cost of living, but it’s not all bad news.

Just because donors have less to share, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t willing to dig deep into their pockets and share their wealth with causes that matter most to them. You just have to make it truly matter to them. You have to make their gift really mean something and THEN you have to show them every day the impact that their gift is making for your cause.

So.. how do we keep those major gifts coming? Let’s take a look…

 Here are 10 fundraising tips to keep those major gifts coming.

  1. Make connections. Nurturing relationships is everything.
  2. Capture and tell your organization’s best stories of success.
  3. Simplify donor engagement and communications
  4. Ask for gifts for a specific initiative to tie impact to their donation.
  5. Give major donors a chance to personalize their experience.
  6. Identify and connect with ambassadors regularly.
  7. Create a monthly giving club and promote, promote, promote.
  8. Crowdfund to keep making the ask and offer compelling rewards.
  9. Offer a Multi-Channel Donor Experience
  10. Use data to showcase your impact and tell your story.

The goal is to get repeated major gifts, right? In an ideal world, we’d see a major gift from the same donor each month. How amazing would that be for your cause? It would be spectacular.

So, when you’re dealing with a decline in the number of major gifts, or seeing your major donors start to give less, you know you have to step up your game.



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