Two Must-Knows for Selling Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams

It’s no secret Microsoft Teams has taken a flying leap ahead in terms of growth and usage since March 2020. Some research estimates that Microsoft Teams generated $6.8 billion in revenue in 2020 – a 700% increase year over year.1 As the number of Teams users skyrocketed, so did partners selling it.

But Microsoft’s success with Teams does not make it the be-all-end-all collaboration provider. It hits a snag in the telephony space as Microsoft has never been a telephony provider. And this is where channel partners need to get savvy and start offering Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams to their customers.

Teams isn’t going anywhere – and neither are your customers’ demands for unified communications and collaboration solutions that support remote and hybrid work environments. Cloud Voice offers a bridge between the stellar collaboration possibilities with Microsoft Teams and the necessary voice technology your customers need. If you’re ready to leverage this solution that will make your customers sticky for life, read on to get two must-know facts about selling Cloud Voice.

There Are Multiple Scenarios to Choose Microsoft Teams Cloud Voice

It’s important for channel partners to be familiar with the two scenarios in which a customer would need Cloud Voice.

  1. If the customer wants to connect its PSTN trunk into Office 365. This scenario would occur if, for example, the customer is in a country in which Microsoft Calling plans are not available. If customers want to keep their existing telco contracts, this is also the option.
  2. If the customer wants to mix two systems. If some users are on a legacy PBX and other users are migrating to Phone System in Office 365, they will still be able to communicate using Cloud Voice.
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There Are Three Options for Leveraging Cloud Voice Capabilities

Channel partners should be aware of the various tiers of telephony available with Cloud Voice:

    1. Basic access. Basic Cloud Voice gives customers telephony capabilities but does not enable other necessities such as calling minutes, phone numbers, and support. The telecom provider delivers SIP trunks that enable a business to connect a session border controller device (that the customer either owns or is provided by a third party) to the PSTN to engage connectivity through Teams.
    2. Cloud Voice in the cloud. With this option, customers don’t need in-house expertise or on-premise infrastructure to leverage telephony through Teams. The SIP connectivity is included as well as managed session border controller services – plus the necessities such as phone numbers and minutes.
    3. Advanced telephony service. This tier enables advanced PBX functionality, support, analytics, reporting, and improved integrations. It can also come with tools such as interactive voice response to help manage call volume and provide insights into the customer experience.
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The Time to Jump on Selling Cloud Voice Is Now

Your customers have made it through 2020, and now they are looking to thrive in the new remote/hybrid work era. If they don’t already have a collaboration and communication solution that supports that goal, they’ll find one from someone else. That’s why this moment is a crucial juncture for channel partners. 

Selling Microsoft Teams Cloud Voice from UniVoIP gives you power and control you’ll find with no other provider. We provide: 

  • A fully managed migration process to ensure uninterrupted switch-over from any legacy services. 
  • The option to white-label our solution so you retain full control over the customer relationship and your brand.
  • A single-point-of-access approach that gives you total visibility into your customers’ activities.
  • Complete autonomy over the sale through our self-service portal that provides all the needed tools to sell Cloud VOice without UniVoIP’s involvement, if you choose.
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Become a channel partner with UniVoIP today to take advantage of this unique moment in the history of communications and collaboration technology. Your customers will thank you, and you’ll realize an exciting opportunity to grow your business.


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