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UniVoIP’s Recent Press Release, UniVoIP OfficeConnect Business Phone Solution Expands to Support Polycom VVX Phones, Gains Interest from TMCNet

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer
March 10, 2017

With virtual private branch exchange (PBX) systems on the rise, particularly as voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service goes, new developments are stepping into this market routinely. One of the latest—and one that looks like it might have a great impact on virtual PBX operations—is from UniVoIP, who recently announced its OfficeConnect system and other solutions would be working on the Polycom VVX model phone.

This will prove great news for Polycom VVX users considering upgrades, as the phones currently in place will be able to take advantage of not only OfficeConnect, but also the growing line of solutions from UniVoIP in general, including everything in the virtual PBX line.  In turn, this means a great new option for those companies who are either dissatisfied with a current phone service provider or are looking to start in a virtual PBX capacity for the first time, which is actually still the case in some areas as Internet connectivity options start to improve.

UniVoIP’s service can be brought in without extra capital expense—there’s nothing really in the way of transition or migration fees—and UniVoIP can provide extra services that may not be commonly available from a current provider. Services, more specifically, like call park functions, voicemail encryption for added security, group paging options, corporate directory functions and more.  Plus, those who use Polycom VVX phones will be able to get access to the User and Administration portal, which will open up new options for remote configuration and management. That’s a plus for those who have branch office operations and the like to consider.

UniVoIP’s vice president of sales and marketing, Chris Vuillaume, noted “Polycom VVX phones have been widely deployed in the SMB and Enterprise markets. With UniVoIP’s extension of service to these phone models, businesses gain increased functionality with unique cloud-based features Polycom VVX users have not been able to leverage before. Businesses can also enjoy upgrading their system without the burden of initial capital expenditure nor complex re-configuration.”

This is a move that should take two things that were good separately and make them into a package that’s even better for each side’s extra contributions. While it’s good news for both Polycom and UniVoIP—who both stand to benefit from the extra capability each adds to the other’s operations—it’s especially good news for the consumer, who gets a powerful new package, and may well have half of the package already in place.

It’s great to see moves in the market where everyone involved wins—about the only group that doesn’t is competitors to UniVoIP or Polycom—and here is indeed a winning move for the producers and the consumers alike.

Read the full press release here: New UniVoIP OfficeConnect Business Phone Solution Expands to Support Polycom VVX Phones


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