VoIP Success Story: An Ohio Nonprofit Modernizes and Adopts a Cloud-Based Phone Solution

Adoption Circle Chooses UniVoIP for Their Expertise in Nonprofit Communications, Customer Service and Innovative Cloud-Based Phone Solution Technology

I can’t say enough good things about UniVoIP, their solution and the customer service we have experienced from day one. We were initially set on choosing a local service provider, assuming that would mean better service, but UniVoIP proved it’s not about locality but quality of services delivered. – Chris Soto, Adoption Circle

Assisting Birth and Adoptive Parents with Legally Sound Adoptions

Adoption Circle has been a leader in diligently working to preserve the rights of birth parents and children to ensure emotionally healthy and legally sound adoptions. Through compassionate and caring counseling, they have been able to assist birth parents and adoptive parents to have the opportunity to explore all legal choices as they design an adoption plan that they believe is in their child’s best interest.

When Modernizing Became a “MUST”

Substantial growth, limited functionality and growing technical pains were all indicators that Adoptive Circle could no longer delay the modernization of their technological infrastructure. With their previous phone service provider, the organization faced ongoing challenges including static, dropped calls and unnecessary expenses. Furthermore, the organization encountered limited to no customer service and was forced to tackle technical issues on their own and with limited understanding.

Choosing UniVoIP Over 4 Competitors 

Upon diligent research of 4 different service providers, Adoption Circle slected UniVoIP over local vendor options. Interactions between the organization and UniVoIP sales and support teams proved distance had no impact on quality of service delivered. In the end, the organization compared features, functionality, pricing and overall customer service of the 4 providers and concluded that UniVoIP offered the most reliable, scalable and cost efficient solution.

We were drawn to UniVoIP because of their active involvement in the Nonprofit community and extensive experience servicing organizations like ours. We were sure UniVoIP was the solution for us after experiencing exceptional customer service in which our dedicated account executive walked us through the process in a step-by-step, transparent and proactive way. We knew we were in good hands and even our Executive Director was shocked that all we had to do was plug our phones in and continue business as usual and without any interruption in service. – Chris Soto, Adoption Circle

UniVoIP Delivers a Reliable, Scalable and Mobile Solution

Adoption Circle now experiences reliable phone service without dropped calls, static or service interruptions due to UniVoIP’s deployment of proprietary MiNet protocol. Operating with increased functionality, the organization enjoys robust features including the online portal that allows employees to take control of their phone system features, add-ons, customization and modifications. Additionally, the organization revels in continuous business communications for social workers out in the field with The UniVoIP App – a mobile collaboration tool allowing their social workers to make work calls from their private cell phone while maintaining personal phone number privacy.



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