VoIP Success Story: Making Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity a Priority

ClearData Networks and UniVoIP Come Together to Strengthen Business Continuity with Disaster Recovery

Having failover and disaster recovery is critical. UniVoIP’s Business Continuity Plans provide us and our customers the assurance that when disaster strikes, our data, communications and operations will remain intact. – Kia Shoghi, ClearData Networks

An Exclusive Systems Integrator Providing Data Connectivity

ClearData Networks (ClearData) is a leading and exclusive provider of specialized wireless services in the M2M (machine to machine) and telemetry sectors. They provide connectivity solutions, tools and services necessary to drive up efficiencies, drive down costs and enhance the way their clients do business via real time visibility to data usage. They combine innovative wireless data solutions with best of breed M2M services and provide data connectivity for devices – vending machines, ATMs, heart monitors, etc.

LTE Wireless Services

ClearData originally operated with a “wireless” model before acquiring UniVoIP’s technology, facing potential data security risks. Upon migration to UniVoIP’s secure and reliable VoIP phone solution, ClearData operated with a LTE modem to run the system. Installation of the solution was efficient and flawless and the system operated perfectly with the LTE modem. After several months, ClearData changed directions and moved over to a Standard DSL. With their versatile VoIP solution already in place, the system adapted seamlessly and operations continued without disruption.

Delivering Disaster Recovery

With high profile clientele and servicing mission critical applications, ClearData and UniVoIP realized the significance in providing services that would be secure by fail over and offer a truly diverse method of accessing the internet. Delivering comprehensive disaster recovery functionality and business continuity plans, ClearData is now equipped with a true mobile enterprise solution that solves for communication disruption in the case of an unfortunate event.

Our goal was to provide a fail over back up in cases of unforeseen circumstances that would negatively impact our services. Every business including doctor’s offices, banks, retailers and supermarkets need a business continuity plan. All our customers want assurance in failover, available anywhere at any time, and with UniVoIP’s solution, we can easily provide that.” – Kia Shoghi, ClearData Networks

Call Rerouting for Survivability

In cases of unforeseen events, ClearData is now able to initiate a pre-determined Business Continuity Plan that consists of a customized set of rules in which calls are re-routed accordingly so that operations can continue normally. This advanced functionality promotes survivability by using data centers and other key sites that can be connected in multiple redundant ways to the cloud. Not only does this provide ClearData with piece of mind but also offers their clientele a greater level of reliability and survivability in ClearData products.

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