Why an Auto Attendant Empowers a Nonprofit Organization

A Customized Auto Attendant Designed For a Nonprofit Organization Offers Power and Flexibility


Improve Response Time. Give your callers the attention they deserve. Offer your supporters a better experience. Leverage Donations.

A sophisticated auto attendant provides your organization with efficient call management. It’s vital that your organization has a reliable and highly capable auto attendant that handles all calls to your office, and meets the community, donors, supporters and volunteers with undivided attention.

Whether you have a receptionist or not, you must be able to ensure that all calls are handled with care. In other words, anyone calling your main telephone number should be greeted with a short, professional recording telling the caller to dial an extension or to press a single key to be routed to the appropriate department faster. You may want to grant callers the option to dial a specific extension number, dial by name or personalize if that services your organization’s needs.

Introducing an auto attendant solution that empowers your organization. 

All of the power, flexibility and features available via UniVoIP’s auto attendant solution are available to every department, extension or mailbox within the organization. This is because the nonprofit-designed auto attendant can be customized as a call tree with unlimited routing combinations. In addition, you can leverage the embedded multi-lingual auto attendants and allow callers to be routed to their destination quicker and more efficiently. Read all the benefits you could leverage with UniVoIP’s auto attendant.

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