Why Using Mobile Technology in Business is Necessary

In today’s modern workplace, the use of mobile technology is indispensable as it provides a flexible work environment for employees to connect and communicate from anywhere, at any time and on any device.  Offering a wide array of benefits, mobile technology in business has become a critical aspect of interactions, including those of which directly impact sales with the consumer market. Not only is staff communicating with each other from the comfort of their homes, but they’re establishing and maintaining lasting relationships with customers from across the globe.

We’ve certainly entered a new world where business is no longer confined to brick and mortar but set up to excel regardless of where business is done.

The rapid developments in cloud mobile technology is granting enormous improvements in business processes, and making room for automated tasks, quick decision making and faster customer service experience. Using cell phones, laptops, desktops and tablets, businesses are connected in ways that we’ve never seen before, and we’re excited for what the future will bring to a truly mobile workforce.

So, what exactly are the benefits of enabling mobile technology across business functions? Well, the benefits are limitless but here are a few.

More Productive Staff

Implementing a mobile communications strategy immediately increases employee availability. By providing staff with the proper mobile technology like cloud tools, businesses are enabling their staff to complete their projects in the most efficient manner possible, regardless of where team members are located. Furthermore, geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier to the hiring process. Instead, businesses can widen the talent market in which they seek new employees, and ultimately create a more productive and powerful team that delivers.

young professional working from home office

More Job Satisfaction

Studies have shown that job flexibility has proven to increase employee retention and commitment to businesses, and we’re starting to see the results of the widespread adoption of cloud mobility tools like Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams. In result, employees are given a more flexible work environment that simplifies when and how they do their work, while increasing their overall satisfaction and commitment to their job. It’s a win-win for both staff and business owners.

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A Better Customer Experience

Customer experience expectations are becoming more difficult to meet each day. The standards of care that consumers have grown to anticipate are becoming nearly impossible to attain for companies that do not implement a mobile communications strategy. Thanks to the rapid innovations in the cloud technology world, companies that are not early adopters are having trouble retaining customers, even those that have proven long term loyalty. With the possibility of more flexible interactions on their preferred channel of communication – like in the case of Omnichannel Engagement – consumers are instantly connecting, communicating and resolving requests in the most simplified way possible.

Attractive woman checks her phone in front of her laptop at a cafe

More Team Collaboration

With streamlined business processes using mobile applications and virtual conferencing solutions, quality interactions and quicker decision-making is made possible. Now more than ever, teams are connected in one centralized location, managing chat conversations, voice and video calls, file sharing, meetings, screensharing and more. Business operations these days often need very little face-to-face interaction within the confines of a conference room, and team collaboration has now gone global with limitless capabilities.

UniBridge Video Conference in action

Put simply, mobile communications is no longer the future of business. It’s a requirement now.

So, for businesses not making mobile communications a priority, it’s easy to say that we will start seeing those brands and business fall through the cracks. Consumers want immediate customer service while sitting on the beach, texting their inquiries to their favorite brands, and the top talent in the world want flexible work environments. There is no way around it. Mobile communications is here, and it’s here to stay.


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