Why VoIP Features are Vital For Business Operations

VoIP Exclusively Offers an Advanced Set of Features That are Vital For a Successful Business


VoIP for business is quickly becoming the most sought after communications technology in the business world. Over the last 5 years, more than 60% of businesses have adopted cloud communications in one way or another and those that haven’t, just haven’t heard about it yet.

Take a look at a few features and how they are useful in the business environment. Cloud communications is more than just a phone system, it’s a way of doing business.

Auto Attendant – This feature makes even the smallest business look like a large enterprise. Whether a business is too small and can’t afford to hold a full time receptionist, or the current receptionist’s workload is overwhelming, an auto attendant is there to save the day. While the receptionist is taking care of other tasks, the auto attendant is there to direct calls so that every customer or client calling is given the attention they deserve.

Conferencing – Built in conference features allow users to enter a conference without the need of special arrangements to be made in advance. Whether 4, 5 or more need to enter into a conference, it’s easy. Time is of the essence for any business, and instant conferencing capabilities in a time where we are used to instant solutions is vital.

Web Portal – A web based interface where users can customize their phone system based on a personalized pin is a big feature exclusive to VoIP. Not only does this feature allow for users to personalize their phone to enhance their personal productivity and efficiency, but the administrative portal allows customization of the system as a whole to enhance office workflows.

UniFax – Faxing from a large, bulky and a lot of the time half-broken fax machine is in the past. Faxing from a preferred e-mail of choice is the new generation of fax communications. Sending and receiving fax directly from e-mail is a feature that reduces unnecessary, slow and often unproductive means of business. Fax machines in the office are a thing of the past.

Find out how thousands of businesses leverage VoIP features to catapult business success. 



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