Why You Should Eliminate Your Office’s Fax Machine

A Secure, Efficient and Paperless Solution For Businesses That Makes Faxing Better

One of the most exciting features that cloud communications offers is the ability to send and receive fax via email. This type of feature not only contributes to efficient workflows, faster response time and ease for employees, but cuts expenses on paper, ink and the energy to power a fax machine. It’s a win-win for everyone, including the environment!

Fax via email lets a business eliminate their fax machine entirely and modernize the office. Sending and receiving a fax is as easy as sending an email and more secure than a fax machine as  correspondence is going directly to a private email account instead of the office’s public fax machine. Additionally, instead of losing track of faxes under endless paperwork on the desk, faxes become searchable just like emails.

The great features of UniVoIP’s Unifax Solution:

  • Send and receive faxes through your Email Client
  • Send faxes directly from within applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and more
  • Conveniently share, manage, and store faxes with access to document management systems
  • Receive incoming faxes as PDF attachments in your email inbox
  • Preserve confidentiality of content-sensitive documents

Learn how thousands of companies have achieved success in the cloud with UniVoIP and how many of them leverage UniFax every day. 


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