Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Service Provider With an NJPA Certification

NJPA Contracts Gives a Nonprofit Full Access to Advanced Technology at a Competitive Price


When choosing a communication solution for your nonprofit organization, it’s vital that you go with one that has an NJPA certification. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. NJPA contracts allow nonprofits to have easy access to high quality products, services and equipment at an affordable price. 
  2. Nonprofits save time and money by bypassing the traditional RFP route and the unpleasant experience of low quality vendors.
  3. NJPA certified service providers ensure that nonprofits are doing business with the most reliable companies in the industry.
  4. The certification gives nonprofits a piece-of-mind and allows a nonprofit organization to purchase with full confidence in the service. 
  5. Nonprofits are able to quickly implement the new service in the timeline that suits them. 

UniVoIP Offers Advanced Telecommunications Technology to Nonprofits With Our NJPA Certification. Ask about our Nonprofit Phone Donation Program.


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