10 Benefits of Enterprise Unified Communications to Power Growth

The Perfect Tool Set to for the Growing Enterprise

Large enterprises find themselves too often with an old communication system that is terribly expensive to maintain, locking several IT resources to simply manage the infrastructure, user settings and the like. Then comes the challenge of managing multiple locations that may or may not all be supported by the same system. The fact of the matter is, Unified Communications is the key is to having a system in place that scales with you, can be managed from anywhere and allow the administrator to grant all users respective authority to modify the way they process, receive and/or make calls from anywhere at any time.

To simplify the powerful integration of business systems, contact center functionality, and employee collaboration across the globe, your enterprise must be at the apex of technology. With UniVoIP, Enterprises are equipped with powerful Unified Communications and multimedia contact center functionality, mobile collaboration tools, best-in-class data security protocols and a suite of advanced IP phones.

Here are the top 10 benefits of Enterprise Unified Communications to power growth:

1. Integrate to Accelerate

Steamline workflows and speed up business processes with integration into existing enterprise applications including Salesforece, Skype for Business, Office 365, Zendesk, LexisNexis, Jack Henry Products, Sugar CRM, Outlook and more.

2. Facilitate Growth and Expansion

Designed to support growth across employees and locations, adding and scaling is as easy as ordering new phones and adding extensions.

3. Support a Mobile Workforce

Empower employees regardless of location or device with mobile productivity and collaboration tools that extend the power of teamwork with an in-office communications experience from anywhere.

4. Exceed Customer Expectations

Deliver a next generation customer experience and meet consumer demands on a single interface with multimedia technology supporting email, voice, web chat, SM, ibot, SMS, and self-service options.

5. Monitor. Teach. Repeat.

Accurately capture agent customer interactions and transform the quality improvement process by instilling agent productivity and best practices with Call Recording and Screen Recording.

6. Be a Customer Advocate

From the first customer interaction, deliver a personalized approach by identifying, segmenting and routing callers to the best person to service their needs with Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

7. Report, Analyze and Adapt

Reveal critical data on buying behavior, and accurately forecast call traffic, agent workload, queue performance and call loads to identify areas of improvement and workforce optimization.

8. Keep Customers In-the-Know

SMS has a read rate of 95%! With a single click, influence customer interaction through automated mass messaging that promotes brand awareness and customer acquisition & retention.

9. Champion a Greener World

Consume less electrical power, reduce hardware waste with longer lasting equipment, empower telecommuting and reduce carbon emissions and use less paper with fax-via-email

10. Embrace Being a Priority

With UniVoIP, experience monthly online customer training sessions, one-on-one support or access 24/7/365 technical assistance from a team of highly trained professionals.


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