3 Cloud Myths Your Business Needs To Know

Setting the Record Straight Regarding Cloud Communications for Business

It’s time your business understood the truth behind cloud communications and stopped believing the myths.

1.The cloud is unreliable. False. A cloud provider with redundant, geographically diverse data centers and access to direct relationships with multiple Tier 1 Internet and Tier 1 telephony carriers is the essence of reliability. Not to mention, a cloud provider with a disaster recovery plan, a service level agreement and 24/7 US based customer service, monitoring and support by an on-site infrastructure team is the perfect formula for reliability.

2. You don’t have as much control. False. Yes, your cloud provider is managing the overall telecom infrastructure so your able to focus on your business, but the cloud empowers your business with full customization and an online portal to directly manage your office’s system. Your business has day-to-day control over the on-premise system, features, and operations, while the cloud service provider ensures that everything is running smoothly on the back end.

3. Implementation is difficultFalse. A good service provider will visit your site, provide you with an on-site assessment and let you know how “cloud ready” your business is. An account executive will determine what is best for your business, your locations and your remote workers, and work with you on devising the perfect communication solution to fit your needs. Not to mention, the cloud requires little to no hardware – which means, your business can get rid of it’s old bulky cabling, phones, etc. from your legacy phone system and make space for advanced VoIP phones.

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