3 Reasons Why VoIP Means Progress For Business

A Business That Has Adopted VoIP Understands Progress

1. Less Expensive Phone Service. When a business switches to VoIP the organization typically saves a significant amount of money on their monthly phone service bills. According to a a recent study done by Consumer Reports, businesses that have switched to VoIP are reportedly saving around $50 each month on their phone service bills. That means that business can allocate the unused budget in more productive and beneficial ways.

2. Phone Service is Convenient. While placing and receiving calls with VoIP is done in the exact same way as traditional phone services, VoIP makes it convenient for businesses to track their call activity, change account information online, manage fax to email, manage voicemail transcription, manage personalized phone preferences and keep track of call logs and business directories. All of this can be done, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and without the need to pay a technician’s salary to do so.

3. VoIP is the Key to Mobility. VoIP makes it possible for businesses to take their phone system and all the advanced features with them any where in the world. Whether at home, in the office, at the beach or in a different country, users can access their phone system from an online portal and make all the necessary changes to fit their needs. Not to mention, VoIP users can twin their cell phone with their desk phone, making it possible to answer work calls from anywhere in the world as if they were at their desk.

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