4 Myths About Cloud Communications You Need To Stop Believing

Don’t Believe The Myths You Hear. Find Out The Truth For Yourself.

1. Everyone has the same functionality. Cloud Communications is the best case scenario for personal customization and it’s integration capabilities make it so that your business can tailor the system exactly how you need it. Everyone has access to all the same advanced features, but in the end, your business can customize those features to meet your exact needs.

2. Implementation is difficult. This couldn’t be more of a myth. Cloud Communications has quick and easy installations, barely any hardware requirements, and your business can slowly migrate each department one at a time if you want. You are getting the best phone system available for business without the burden of making a huge change in your operations. If anything, your workflows will be that much more simplified.

3. There are hidden expenses. If you are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy provider (which you need to watch out for!), you should not have any issues with this. The most beneficial aspect of adopting cloud communications is that your service provider provides you with a Service Level Agreement from day one, and your business doesn’t have to speculate whether your monthly expenses will go up at any time. It’s straight forward.

4. My current system is good enough. Well, you know what they say, “you don’t know until you know”. You may be happy with your current phone system, but until your business has the chance to see what an affordable, feature-rich cloud-based phone system can do for your profit margin, you are in the dark.

See for yourself, with a free demo. You have nothing to lose. 


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