4 Steps to Selecting the Right CCaaS Provider

Consumer expectations are growing at a rapid rate and companies must be able to evolve and deliver on technological infrastructures that meet consumer demands. That’s where Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) steps in.

The Future of Customer Interaction

As traditional contacts centers become their own barrier to success, this short, but powerful e-guide sheds some light on the various factors affecting your contact center performance, warn you of some of the pitfalls encountered in contact center software provider selection process and highlight the recommended process companies shall adhere to when selecting the best provider to fit your needs.

Forward Thinking

Many companies are attempting to shift their operating model to improve value and customer experience in their contact centers.  Unfortunately, many are leaving value on the table by continuing to operate in the traditional way.  Forward-thinking customer service and channel managers can create an immediate impact and a long-term advantage by considering and selecting the best cloud contact center provider. It is a win-win partnership.

Step 1: Existing Contract Considerations

When you’re in the market for a new cloud multimedia contact center, you must consider the terms of a current contract that you are already in.

  • Review your existing contract including terms and conditions and expiration date
  • Understand the potential cancellation fees that may apply for early termination
  • Determine the required timeline for your notice of termination
  • Develop a cost analysis and assess growing needs with stakeholders to determine if the time is right to upgrade
  • Inform all stakeholders and decision makers of intentions and findings to reach a consensus
  • Communicate and keep the migration project key stakeholders involved at all times

Step 2: Challenge Identification

Most traditional on-premise contact centers face similar challenges prior to upgrading to a cloud-based multimedia solution. Gather feedback from all team managers to understand each group’s challenges and come together with the key stakeholders to review and prioritize accordingly.

Step 3: Identify Feature and Functionality Requirements

Multimedia Cloud Contact Centers offer omnipresent technology that has led to dramatic changes in how consumers interact with enterprises.  Identify critical features and functionalities required to achieve the ultimate customer experience (CX) and promote operational goals and efficiencies for agents and supervisors.

Step 4: Contact Center Software Provider Selection

Now that you know you’re ready for an upgrade, you understand your existing challenges that need to be addressed and the tools to resolve those issues, it’s time to research your vendor options.

  • Search online for solutions based on key functionality requirements you have identified
  • Visit vendor testimonial pages and read through case studies
  • Search for recent and past news related articles to determine financial stability of vendor
  • Consider reaching out to colleagues for recommendations and referrals
  • Explore online reviews and determine long term customer satisfaction
  • Select your top 3 vendors

Once you have narrowed down your top 3 choices that you believe can offer you the best multimedia contact center solution to fit your needs, it’s time to vet the vendors.

What your contact center software provider should offer

  1. Assigns a designated account executive
  2. Arranges an online or onsite demo
  3. Assesses current contact center functionality
  4. Listens carefully to challenges and proposes resolutions
  5. Makes customer references and testimonials available
  6. Discusses current promotions to be qualified for
  7. Offers free upgrade and feature enhancements
  8. Guarantees 24/7 US-based customer support
  9. Compares offerings to competitors in question
  10. Provides a Total Cost of Ownership analysis
  11. Delivers a Service Level Agreement
  12. Offers a comprehensive quote document

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