4 Ways Nonprofits Use VoIP To Improve Their Organization

Organizations Leverage VoIP to Enhance Collaboration With nonprofit-call-centerFeature-Rich Phones of The Future

It’s no secret that VoIP (cloud communications) is a highly recommended telecommunications system for nonprofits. As it’s becoming an increasingly hot-topic in the nonprofit world, more nonprofits are flocking to the affordable feature-rich world of communications in the cloud. By unifying communications in the cloud, nonprofits are entering today’s most advanced and modernized generation of technology. However, there are still many nonprofit organizations that aren’t taking advantage of the telecommunications solution that is changing the face of the industry because they are unaware of it’s potential.

To bridge the information gap and raise awareness, we have compiled 4 ways that VoIP can improve your organization.

1. Receive calls in the field with “mobile twinning”. One of VoIP’s most popular features is called mobile twinning. This allows nonprofit workers to twin another device with their desk phone so that the two phones ring simultaneously. This feature meets the mobile needs of a nonprofit organization as it closes the communication gap between community, employees, donors and volunteers by encouraging continuous collaboration. Nonprofit workers never have to miss a call, simply because they are out in the field.

2. An Auto Attendant. Most nonprofits are working off of a tight budget, making it difficult to hold a full-time receptionist. This isn’t an issue anymore. With VoIP, nonprofits can set up an auto attendant so that every call is answered with care, and directed to the intended recipient of the call. Not only does this enhance customer relationship management, but it also makes a nonprofit organization look larger than it may be.

3. Read Voice Mail Transcription In E-mailAnother favorite feature of VoIP is the ability to transfer voice mail messages to the user’s email of choice. Rather than sitting on the phone, listening to endless amounts of voice mails and scribbling notes on a piece of paper, a VoIP user can sit in front of their computer and read the transcribed versions in their email. This saves time and saves hassle, while also helping organize important calls/messages from donors and supporters.

4. Get rid of the fax machine. VoIP is widely accepted as a “Green Technology” that encourages and promotes environmental health. With an exciting feature called “UniFax”, nonprofit organizations are recycling their fax machine and not having to replace them! Fax is sent and received directly in e-mail format. No paper, no fax machine, no extra waste. It’s an exciting time to encourage green living!

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