6 Contact Center Performance Management Indicators You Should Improve

The way customers and contact center agents communicate is changing. Does your business closely monitor these 6 key contact center performance management indicators to boost customer experience?

  1. Average Time in Queue – The total time callers wait in queue before an agent responds divided by the total number of calls answered by agents.
  2. First Center Resolution – The percentage of calls that the agent completely addresses the customer’s needs without having to transfer them or call them back.
  3. Average Abandonment Rate – The percentage of customers who hang up before reaching an agent.
  4. Average After Call Work Time – The time an agent spends completing a transaction after the caller has disengaged.
  5. Average Handle Time – The elapsed time from when an agent answers a call until the agent disconnects.
  6. Employment Turnover Rate – The percentage of agents who leave the call center to work elsewhere.

Next Level Contact Center Performance Management

Deliver a memorable customer service experience with a hyper-connected cloud based contact center. Fortified with enterprise-class, resilient architecture UniVoIP’s contact center equips your team with automated interactions and advanced routing algorithms. Offer your customers various channels to communicate including voice, email,  web chat, fax or SMS, and create a culture of rapid response times among your employees from anywhere, at any time.

Empowering productivity with advanced tools:

  • Agent & Supervisor Web-based Client – a single application designed to handle all digital customer interactions so agents and supervisors experience synchronicity between all media channels
  • Agent Call Recording – ensure superior customer service through quality control and agent performance based monitoring that encourages a highly productive work environment
  • Flexible Reporting – equip supervisors with real-time and historical reporting of call center agent performance metrics to easily determine strengths and weakness
  • Salesforce Integration – deliver a true omnichannel customer experience with UniVoIP’s contact center and its seamless integration with Salesforce CRM software
  • WebConnect – give agents immediate access to important caller information with web-based pop ups triggered by the caller ID of an inbound or outbound call

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