9 Ways to Keep Your Customers Sticky With Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams

As a channel partner, if you’re looking for a way to keep your customers loyal, selling Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams is a tool that will help you meet that goal. The use of Microsoft Teams was expanding before the pandemic. The number of users increased1 from 20 million in November 2019 to 44 million in March 2020. Then, the number of users skyrocketed to 75 million in April 2020.

Some people wonder if remote work will disappear after the pandemic has run its course. However, many workers and businesses have seen the advantages of remote work. In addition, experts like McKinsey2 have stated that a hybrid model of remote work for those employees who aren’t tied to a workplace will remain.

As a result, more and more companies are going to be looking for collaboration applications like Microsoft Teams to fulfill their need for connecting internal users in a virtual office. Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams expands the communication that is already happening internally to the outside world. It also provides an excellent opportunity for channel partners to support the use of Microsoft Teams.

Channel partners can keep customers sticky with Direct Route for Microsoft Teams. Here’s how.

How Does Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams Increase Customer Loyalty?

Microsoft Teams provides an all-in-one platform that supports conversation in the workplace, collaboration tools, video chats, document sharing, and integration with other apps in the Office 365 umbrella. Adding Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams fills the one gap in Teams, which is the ability to use the application for communication internally and externally.

Given the popularity of Microsoft Teams, you’re in a unique position to help your customers get the most from their investment by supporting Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams. Once your customers experience the benefits of both applications, you’ll have a customer for life. There are many benefits to your customers that will keep them working with you.

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1. Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams Streamlines Communications

If a business is using Microsoft Teams, they can communicate internally, but not to the outside world. With Cloud Voice, Teams users can make, receive, and transfer calls to and from landlines and mobile phones without leaving the Teams app. It provides a consistent experience for users all over the world.

2. Cloud Voice Can Replace PBX Systems

Companies can replace the hardware and cost of a PBX system by using Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams. In most cases, your customer’s telephone numbers can stay the same, making the changeover easy.

3. Cost Savings for Internal Calls

There are no telephone charges when placing calls from one Teams user to another. For companies that are geographically dispersed, or even worldwide, the cost savings can be significant.

4. Users are Managed Centrally

Central management of telephony users increases flexibility and enhances security. In addition, a company can obtain global usage and cost data.

5. Telephony Training Can Be Centralized

All users in an organization can use Cloud Voice for their communications. Therefore, training can be centralized, which saves the time and money different company locations would spend to create and provide training.

6. Productivity Increases

Using Cloud Voice improves productivity. Employees can receive and transfer calls to or from a work number, which simplifies their communication across any organization. They don’t need to use one system for internal communication and a different one for communicating outside of the organization.

In addition, employees who move between company locations for their jobs can quickly use the communication tools. There’s no need to ask someone if they need to dial 9 to get an outside line, or how to transfer a telephone call.

7. Improved Security

Microsoft Teams includes enterprise-grade security, including two-factor authentication, encrypted data, and single sign-on. Users can download information without risk due to its Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) that can identify and block malicious content.

8. No Limits on Capacity

Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams has a virtualized, multi-stack architecture that allows for limitless capacity. Organizations can support any number of users to meet existing and future needs.

9. Improved Reliability

Cloud Voice has no single point of failure and can recover or self-heal in extraordinary circumstances. That level of reliability is extremely attractive to any organization.

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Make Your Customers Sticky With UniVoIP

UniVoIP is one of the only providers of Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams. UniVoIP offers you a channel program that includes white-glove service for customers. Credentialed engineers make up 30% of our workforce, allowing us to virtually guarantee success for each of our partners. In addition, our pricing is the lowest in the industry.

You can work with UniVoIP to leverage the power of Microsoft Teams and secure your position as a vendor of choice with your customers. Learn more about UniVoIP’s Cloud Voice solution today. You can also contact us, and we’ll be glad to answer your questions and show you how you can succeed with Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams.


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