3 Reasons The Cloud Streamlines Your Contact Center Operations


Business continuity within a cloud contact center operations is ensured with a robust and highly resilient solution that is designed to provide seamless and uninterrupted service, with no loss of reporting or real-time capabilities in the event of a hardware failure or network outage.


Virtual Contact Center solutions deliver capital cost savings associated with the reduction in server hardware and real estate; operational savings related to the reduction in power and server provisioning costs; as well as productivity improvements and resource efficiency in data center management and risk mitigation for business continuity and disaster recovery plans. With the Virtual Contact Center, you can tailor a solutions to meet the unique needs of your contact center, with a combination of robust communications platforms, Automated Call Distribution (ACD) software, and a modular suite of feature rich, web-based applications:


Contact Center Operations Management – provides browser-based tools for forecasting, reporting on all agents and queues, managing contact center performance, and traffic analysis. Interactive Contact Center and Interactive Visual Queue – tools to change agent and queue states instantly, so you can respond to changing contact volumes immediately  – also provides contact recognition and prioritization, to ensure priority calls are answered first. Workforce Scheduling and Schedule Adherence – workforce management, forecasting, and monitoring tools that enable you to effectively control workforce costs

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