How Your Business can be Prepared with VoIP if the Internet Goes Down

What Happens if the Internet Goes Down? Is your Business Prepared?


Can your current phone system survive a natural disaster?

More importantly, can your business operate without receiving and making calls? In the unlikely event that it can operate, that probably won’t last long. Do you have a written Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing that service will be up and running without interruptions?

If your business’ phone system relies on your Internet connection for dial tone, it definitely stands to reason that if you lose your Internet, you’ll lose your dial tone as well. Even if your Internet connection is up, and there’s a problem with it, your phone service may not work properly if your company is using VoIP.

So this big question is: How do companies secure uptime when the Internet goes down?


1) Survivability

In the secured cloud-based solution, call processing, call recording, voice-mail servers, automated attendant, and music on-hold are located in highly available (HA) data centers. These data centers are connected, offering full geographical redundancy and ensure that UniVoIP’s solutions are configured with multiple levels of resiliency. With survivability and business continuity for districts, businesses are guaranteed peace  of mind when experiencing outages, failures, disasters and/or human error.


In the case of Internet loss at the office, all you have to do is plug your IP phones into a functioning Internet service at a remote location that was not impacted by the unexpected occurrence. Service, features and functionalities will resume per usual as if there was never an issue.

If you cannot connect your IP phones at a different location, UniVoIP offers smartphone capabilities on smartphones (IPhone and Android). This option leverages smartphone data capabilities, such as making and receiving business calls, call transfer, conferencing, call recording, Instant Messaging, Telephony presence and more.

3)99.99% Uptime SLA Guarantee

UniVoIP is committing to a 99.99% Service Level Agreement. The target available time for the services provided to the customer is equal to 99.99% of the time in a calendar month. Availability is calculated by dividing the measured available time by the total time in a calendar month, expressed as a percentage.


The bottom line is, don’t take the risk. 

If you have been considering switching your business telephone service to cloud-based VoIP but have hesitated because of concerns about losing phone service due to Internet failure, this concern should not keep you from making the switch. With any of the 3 discussed strategies in this article, you can ensure uninterrupted telephone service for your business.

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