Can an Omnichannel Contact Center Improve Your Customer Service?

The omnichannel contact center is the future of customer service. In the beginning, there were call centers tasked with providing customer service via telephone, and everyone was happy. But things have changed. Fifteen years ago, the average buyer used two touch points when they bought an item. Today, buyers use an average of close to six touch points, and almost 50% regularly use more than four.1

What does that mean for your business? It means that your customer service strategy needs to meet your customer where they are when they have a question or need help. You can do that with an omnichannel contact center.

What is an Omnichannel Contact Center?

Omnichannel contact center solutions create an environment where customers and customer service agents can interact with ease. 

  • The contact center allows agents to use a support system that integrates voice, SMS, social media, and more, depending on your business’s requirements.
  • The customer can move among the channels seamlessly with little to no interruption. For example, they can start by asking a question of a chatbot and then move quickly to live chat when needed.
  • The agents have access to the information the customer provided on any channel, which means the customer doesn’t need to restart the engagement every time they change channels. They avoid the frustration of repeating the same information over and over.
  • Omnichannel contact center solutions provide robust analytics that allow you to manage your center using a wide range of insights.

How Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions Can Improve Your Customer Service

You will see a variety of benefits when you establish a cloud contact center. You can leverage those benefits to delight your customers while improving your customer service process. Here are the top six benefits you’ll experience.

  • Standardizing the customer experience– You can use analytics to identify customer preferences and to identify and remove bottlenecks. Your customers will know what to expect from your support group, and they’ll receive a consistent experience whenever they engage with you.
  • Optimizing your workforce– Forecasting will help you to predict traffic patterns. You’ll be able to respond quickly to changes, utilizing your staff effectively and giving your customers a consistent experience.
  • Scaling your operation– A cloud contact center has minimal on-site hardware and software. As a result, you have the flexibility to scale phone lines, agents, and features at a moment’s notice.
  • Supporting remote agents– Remote work is a given in most organizations since the pandemic. Omnichannel contact center solutions provide complete access to the system’s features from any device, at any time, and from any location.
  • Improving agent productivity– Your supervisors will have visibility into each interaction on the system. They can use that insight to coach individual agents and spot opportunities for improvement in training and procedures.
  • Maintaining service level objectives– You’ll have access to planning tools that make it possible to refine your contact center framework and maintain service level objectives.

Get to Know UniVoiP’s Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

Once you decide that you need an omnichannel contact center, the next challenge is finding the right solution. UniVoIP provides the industry’s best contact center solutions along with our white-glove service. These are the features we offer to make sure your contact center helps you reach your goals.

  • Advanced management tools– You’ll have a 360 degree view of all your contact center activities.
  • Exceptional call routing– Interactive voice response tools will direct your customers to the right department. You’ll also have skills-based and predictive routing to direct your customers to the agent who is best able to help them solve their issues the first time.
  • Custom integration capabilities– You’ll be able to integrate call center capabilities with your existing applications.
  • Leading-edge analytics and reporting– You’ll access both real time and historical analytics and reports to improve customer service. Examples include chat, email, and SMS reports, traffic analysis, IVR routing, conversation detail, and workflow reports.
  • Agent support– Screen recording allows supervisors to monitor and evaluate agents for coaching or additional training required to provide the level of support you desire.

Additional features that will make your contact center productive include softphone capabilities, queue status monitoring, and call barging, to name a few.

Working with UniVoIP allows you to outsource your contact center operation and maintenance. Your IT team won’t need to expend their resources and they’ll have more time to address other mission-critical projects. Check out UniVoIP’s cloud contact center solutions to discover how you’ll benefit.

What Are Your Next Steps?

You’ll need to decide whether an omnichannel contact center is something that will help your company improve its competitive edge by taking your customer service to the next level.

Most companies find that establishing this type of a cloud contact center helps improve customer service, keeps customers coming back, and increases agility. The popularity of this approach is reflected in the predictions for the growth of the cloud contact center market, which is expected to reach $93.7 billion in 2027 from $35.2 billion in 2022.2

We invite you to download our Ebook to learn more about how the cloud is improving customer service. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to contact the experts at UniVoIP.




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