Why The Cloud is Necessary to Align with Current Business Mobility Trends

The Benefits from Business Mobility by Leveraging Advanced Cloud Technology are Unparalleled


FACT: Business Mobility is a Necessity 

One of the most important developments has been the emergence of mobile devices and cloud computing, which together allow workers to operate remotely, bouncing in and out of the office with regularity, and often times working from home (or the location of their choice). – Forbes

Trend #1

Keep employees productive anytime, anywhere, on any device

Mobile employees, teleworkers and business travelers must be able to use their device of choice without compromised business communications.

Advanced cloud applications like MiCollab, have mobile first designes that enable an in-office experience from anywhere. Users connect with colleagues using IM, a voice call, or a video discussion on their favorite mobile device.

90% of enterprise voice calls will originate from collaboration applications by 2020. – Gartner


Trend #2

Extend the power of teamwork beyond office space walls

Companies today must be able to extend the strength of business teams beyond the walls of the office building.

With advanced cloud collaboration tools including MiTeam, employees are equipped with a work stream communications tool that lets teams chat, share and meet from anywhere and on any device.

Enabling around the clock mobility for colleagues through virtual rooms, teams avoid project delays with more efficient employee collaboration.

83% of respondants reported working on virtual teams according to a virtual teams survey. – RW³


Trend #3

Let employees leverage their own devices

Statistics show that employees use 3+ devices every day for regular work activities* in or out of the office, but many companies don’t offer the opportunities to integrate office communications with personal devices.

With the right set of cloud communication tools, employees are empowered with a consistent business communications experience across all of their favorite devices.

Business mobility and collaboration tools like MiCollab are available via a web client, a desktop client, PC and MAC, and is supported on Blackberry, Android and IPhone mobile devices.

81 mins/week are saved by employees who user their own devices – leading to more productivity. – Cisco

*source: Mitel

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