Complimentary Webinar for SMBs: How Digital Transformation with VoIP Solves Office Challenges

Learn how to take your workforce into next generation technology that streamlines operational workflows, in and out of the office.


COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR: How Digital Transformation with VoIP Solves Office Challenges

When: Wednesday, October 11th, 2017   –   10am PST | 1pm EST

Small to medium business face similar operational challenges every day. This webinar takes you on a journey through digital transformation and explains the power VoIP technology has on simplifying workflows.

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  • What is Digital Transformation and How it Relates to VoIP
  • Solving The Top SMB Office Challenges Through Digital Transformation
  • Success Story: How One Company Increased Office Efficiency
  • Question and Answer Segment

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Office Challenges Solved

In this webinar, we will discuss the top 5 office challenges for SMBs and face them head on with real-world solutions brought to us by digital transformation with VoIP.

Challenges that our thought leaders will solve for:

  • Receptionist is working on other tasks when phone rings, or is out sick.
  • Mobile and teleworkers are not as accessible when on the road or at home.
  • Managing voice mails and high call volume makes it hard to meet customer demands.
  • Moving offices or expanding to a new location means communication challenges.
  • Phone system keeps going down, halting successful operations.

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