What “Disaster Recovery” Means for Your Business Communications

Keeping Your Lines of Communication Open and Ensuring Business Continuity at all Times

What if there is an unplanned event such as no power, a natural disaster or even day to day issues at your office? These occurrences are normal and businesses must protect their lines of communication with preexisting business continuity plans.

When disaster strikes, it’s crucial  your business keeps its doors and lines of communication open. It can mean the difference between keeping your customers or closing your doors for good. So what’s the solution? Prepare in advance…

It’s important for your business to be prepared before disaster strikes with a Business Continuity Plan. Upon setting up your communication infrastructure, a plan must be laid out with a major incident scenario that pro-actively sets up rules to re-route calls to your business in case of an unfortunate event. When the disaster strikes, you’ll be prepared to initiate the override and all communication to your business will be re-routed, ensuring your lines stay open at all times.

Being able to go about your business and serve your customers as usual can mean such a difference in your business reputation.

So how is it done?

With a cloud-phone system like OfficeConnect, users are provided with the ultimate flexibility for business recovery. Promoting survivability with its disaster recovery, using data centers and other key sites connected in multiple redundant ways to the cloud, businesses can rest assured knowing their information assets remain intact. Secondly, remote sites can quickly and easily reconnect to backup locations if needed.

So in other words, it is critical that your business plans ahead of time. We are in a technological error that enables business to experience uninterrupted communications despite natural disasters or every day occurrences affecting communications. It’s no longer a perk of a cloud-based communication solution. It’s a requirement and customers are expecting continuous communications from their favorite businesses, at all times.


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